Massluxing or mass viewing Storys: the most new Instagram promotion chip


The newest feature of automatic promotion on Instagram is mass viewing of stories. A few more know about her. Therefore those whoever has time to jump into the first carriage will be skimmed off.

What is Massulking?

Mass viewing of Storis on Instagram (Massuling) – this is an automatic view of other people’s Instagram Stories on behalf of your account.

What’s the point of this?

⭐ Live Followers

As a rule, people with a small number of subscribers pay attention to everyone who looked at their Storis. And if you looked several thousand a day – some of them will like your account and you will get new subscribers. The essence is the same as with by massfollowing, but so far few people know that viewing Stories is possible do automatically.

⭐ Increased coverage

In addition to new people, you can watch your own subscribers. We all love attention, and from the “stars” Instagram doubly nice. If an ordinary person looked at the account, on which he himself signed, it creates a feeling of “closeness.”

Program (service) for mass viewing of stories

? Zeus

program for mass viewing Stories - MASSLUKING ZEUS

? Registration in Zeus

In Zeus, you can enable not only Storis views, but also such chip like likes on comments.

In Zeus for Massulking you get 3 days for free. What if immediately add an Instagram account and get started, then additionally there will be 2. That is, only 5 free days. Then you can buy the Storis view for 390 rubles per month for 1 account.

Where are the masculxing settings in the Zeus service? In the right in the upper corner, click the button with the squares. Open the menu in at the bottom will be the “Mass Storis View” – this is what you need. Click and go to the desired section. Customize MassBooking competitor accounts, hashtags, and geotags.

Service Massluking - Mass viewing Storys (Zeus))

How to get maximum subscribers from mass viewing The story?

Chip for advanced: cloning account

If you want to maximize your reach and gain subscribers in your Instagram account, then create some additional and set up mass viewing of Storis on behalf of these accounts too. Make them in a similar style (header, account name), make several posts and stories, but in the account description, give a link to your core.

Now many bloggers start an additional account on Instagram in case of blocking the main one. Therefore, the second profile does not It surprises and does not cause much suspicion. The main thing is not to make it empty, at least a little fill.

Account Security

Important! Before you start, be sure to check: password, access to the attached phone number, access to linked mail, access to the linked facebook page. All this it is necessary that if the Instagram action program for Masslushing seem “suspicious” (as they will be automatically committed not from your phone, but from program / service servers for mass View Story).

Limits and setting Maslusking

  1. Account Age Any programs and services automatic promotion (mass lashing, mass lounging) is better not run on a completely new account (up to 3 months)
  2. What are the daily view limits? Official There is no information and it is impossible to find, because mass viewing Stories – this is a “gray” promotion method. Someone says start with 3000-5000 automatic views of stories and you can reach as much as 80,000. All Mass-hunting limits are often taken out of the head, so the decision is in favor you. Start with a minimum.
  3. How to build a base for views? As with massfollowing – hashtags, geotags, competitor subscribers (need just specify competitor account names and mass service viewing Stories will collect their subscribers).

Massluxing will work well until there are too many people about they know him. Therefore, it is better to try to launch it now.

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