Maximum coverage in Storis: when and how much?


500 million people watch Instagram Storis every day.

At first, no one took them seriously, and old bloggers didn’t wanted to spend time on them. But now the popularity of almost everyone The blogger builds on the daily Storis stream. And even business needs Include them in your content plan.

In this article you will find statistics collected from the analysis. 15,000 Stories at 200 top brands.

How much does Storis lay out for better engagement?

How many Stories should be laid out per day so that they are not leafed through, and looked to the end, or at least half? Optimal – from 1 to 7. According to statistics, after the 7th story, the percentage inspections drops below 70%.

“Inspections” – this is how many times one story was viewed from the beginning to the end in 24 hours.

how many Stories per day to spread on Instagram

What is the best time to upload Instagram Stories?

The best time is non-working. Morning, lunch, evening:

  • 4-6 h
  • 8-10 h
  • 12-14 h
  • 20-22 h

the best time to do story on Instagram

Naturally, this is an average time. Watch your subscribers, maybe they live on a different schedule.

How much does Storis lay out for more coverage?

More Stories – higher average reach and average impressions. They can see in statistics if the account is transferred to a business or account the author.

reach and number of Instagram stories

There is almost no difference in coverage when the number of stories is from 17 to 22.

The number of views also increases with the number of views posted by Storis on Instagram.

story views - the number of stories

How long do each Storis watch?

Every year, people watch Storis more and more often Scroll through, inspecting to the end. Only in 2018 compared since 2017, the percentage of searches has increased by 12%. At the same time, in on average, fewer stories are posted. There is no doubt that in 2020 More people will watch Storys.

Medium coverage of stories for business accounts (media, brands, sports, entertainment) – 5.82%. But in general, most large accounts coverage of more than 1% is already not bad.

Sports accounts make Storis more often – 13.7 days a month, brand accounts least often – 8.7 days per month. Generally, Instagram business accounts do not yet have Stories everyday.

How and when to upload Storis to Instagram so that they watched?

The first story is the most important. It should be such that the person wanted to look further, and not to flip through. Therefore if you post a few in a row, necessarily the most interesting first.

The number of exits depending on the number of Stories on Instagram

Life hack. Note that on the graph when the number of viewed stories is increasing, then the average number output decreases. For your most loyal viewers, come up with some kind of bonus at the end. They looked at all your Stories, trust to you – make a “call to action” for them. It can be subscription to a newsletter, to an additional account or channel in Telegrams, etc.

The average number of Storis searches is more than 50% and more people watch them every day. Regularity is half the success. But this does not mean that you need to download everything. If Stories uninteresting – then subscribers will gradually stop watching them completely and the coverage will fall.

Your Stories should not be complicated! Maximum Coverage get videos with simple graphics and short tutorials. Entertaining content, humor – all these are willingly shared with friends, which helps increase reach.

Keep track of your stats

Any averaged statistics will be different from what will be occur in fact in your account.

What Storis indicators are important to pay attention to:

  • coverage
  • views
  • reposts
  • exits
  • scroll forward and move on to the next story

Instagram statistics

Look at the number of clicks on the site and reactions (test, survey, question) – so understand the effectiveness of Storis depending on your goals – to sell a product / service on a site or engage subscribers.

For bloggers selling ads, the most important thing is the big reach. But Most important for the business are indicators of engagement – reactions and Clicks

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