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Famous American actress and fashion model Megan Fox consider the standard of femininity and beauty. This beauty was born on May 16, 1986. years in Rockwood, Tennessee. The beginning of a kind of Megan takes from Native American, Irish and French.

Megan got into the cinema somehow easily and immediately. Beautiful and expressive girl “went to court” as in children’s productions (for example, “Sunny Holidays” and in adults. In “Bad guys-2 “she first worked with the famous director Michael Bay. After that, Fox played for some time in television series and promoted as a model.

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However, the hour of her glory came later. When Megan grew up and (so say) took shape, Michael Bay again drew attention to her, inviting to the main project of 2007 – Transformers. Exactly then truly world fame overtook her.

Today, Fox is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Marriage (her husband is actor Brian Austin Green) and the birth of two sons did not affect the magnificent appearance (and in particular, figure).

In addition to the two parts of Transformers, Fox stands in the filmography highlight the gloomy kinokomiks “John Hex” and the comedy horror “Body Jennifer. “In the near future, we are waiting for the appearance of the actress in the next remake of the classics – the new version of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.

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Want to see more photos of the fatal beauty? Them here many! Megan Fox doesn’t skimp on photos in his personal photo blog yourself, beloved. She is photographed in portrait mode, allowing appreciate her gorgeous eyes and lips close-up. Megan photographed in full height, to fit into a square photo with open legs. In addition to photos of Megan Fox, in her Instagram often shows pictures with edifying inscriptions and quotes of famous philosophers. In this way, her page is similar to Instagram. Katy Perry.

Unlike many other stars, Megan Fox Instagram account doesn’t match her name. As if arguing with his “fox” surname, the actress called herself a “natural tiger” and started a page on @the_native_tiger

This is somewhat unobvious, but this page is really official Instagram Megan Fox. Numerous fans do not they see nothing strange in this. Today Megan’s page has more one million six hundred thousand subscribers.

True, the actress spoils infrequently with new photos. For the whole of july 2014 on Instagram Megan Fox posted a dozen a photo.

Account: @the_native_tiger

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