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Mila Blum chose to participate in the scandalous project “Holidays in Mexico 2 “, and attracted attention and improved its popularity. With such a dubious choice, Mila amazed the audience and participants with their frankness in the project.

Mila Blum (real surname – Kremlin) is a lover of parties and nightlife. Even before participating in the project, it was possible regularly see in Moscow clubs and social events. The girl knows her worth, so in Mexico she felt very confidently and easily won the location of the brightest men. After the project ended, Mila enrolled in school DJ and now she decides which tracks the visitors will dance to. clubs. About how Mila Blum spends her days, Instagram will tell in detail and, as they say, in pictures.

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Mila (@milablum) can be safely called a girl dependent on Instagram. Units can boast of so many publications. Mila uploads new photos every day, so her subscribers whose lion’s share are fans and the same party lovers, do not complain about the lack of “material” have to. Her gallery has everything from club photos to ending with small cooking videos. Probably half all publications are selfie, the rest is photos with friends, travel reports from warm countries, Internet memes and “household sketches.”

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Like any public person, Mila often encounters boorish attitude from subscribers and just guests pages. Malicious comments, baseless insults and conviction can be found under many publications of the girl. Mila steadily holds a blow and does not enter into a skirmish with ill-wishers, I understand the futility of this action. She just posted a note in which she asked all the “critics” to press the button “unfollow”. In addition, Mila asked not to advertise her products. on her page and on cooperation issues contact through Email


By the way, Mila Blum Instagram also uses for advertising. She publishes announcements of upcoming DJ sets in Moscow clubs and other cities of Russia, and also talks on his page about favorite products. Naturally, this happens by mutually beneficial arrangement with the “advertiser.” Common practice among Russian (and not only) celebrities, allowing draw extra attention to yourself and, of course, give useful Recommendations to your subscribers.

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Mila Blum Instagram

Account: @milablum

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