Model revealed a lie on Instagram


The young model has deleted all accounts.

Model from Australia Essen Onil opened her eyes social network users, and told the truth about the models in social networks. The girl had on Instagram more than 500 thousand subscribers, and in one moment she told her fans that social networks this is evil, because all the information in them is false and has little to do with the real world.


Onil, 18, has retired from Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr. Before by how to retire from Instagram, the young model changed her nickname to “Social Media Is Not Real Life” (Social Networks – Not Real Life) and deleted almost all the photos.


However, in those that she left, the girl changed the description, discovering the truth about how they were made. “Please like this photo. I put on makeup, wrapped my hair, tight dress, big uncomfortable jewelry. I took 50 pictures before I thought what you might like. There’s nothing real about it, “- signed one of Onil’s photos. g_41a6fce6b98070f35b968393332ebfc6_2_700x600

And so with all the photos – the girl explained that a lot of photos – this is a regular advertisement of clothes for money, not pictures from real of life. Other beautiful photos needed dozens of attempts. Later the girl completely deleted her account. essena-1000_600x400

The only thing left by the model is the channel on the Vimeo website, where she talks about social networks and exposes the truth about how “beauties” have such perfect web pages. In the video, the girl emotionally exposes the evil that social networks carry, appearing in the frame in its natural form – unpainted, with a bundle on its head and imperfect skin.

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