Music Stickers on Instagram unavailable


If a notification appears: “Music is not available in your area” – this means that the user who posted the publication, added a music sticker to Instagram Story.

Music Sticker Information

On Instagram, music stickers were available to a limited circle of users. Mostly distributed in the USA and some European countries. With an update in July 2019, stickers with music have been removed from most of the registered users. The problem was getting copyright and connecting music on Instagram.

Additional Information:

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  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade
  • Stickers were only available in Stories. Add to regular publication is impossible;
  • a small tablet appeared on the picture, on which was the name of the track and a short composition are located;
  • to watch Storys with music, the viewer needs to install the same version;
  • musical compositions were not edited, and the user could insert only the selected part.

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Unlike adding music through third-party applications, Such stories were not blocked on Instagram. User could select any of the proposed tracks and place a sticker. Like the rest stickers, it could be moved to stretch and change color. how Now add music to Storys Instagram.

Music not available in region

But the update with music stickers still remains with some number of users. This was due to failures in obtaining new versions, beta testing or lack of updates.

For example, if the owner of the account did not update Instagram and was in European countries – the music sticker remained.

The message: “Music is not available in your area” appears in such cases:

  • the viewer is trying to open a musical sticker, but its version social network does not support such an extension;
  • watching videos through publications. For example, if the video was uploaded to posts via YouTube;
  • in IGTV, the problem is not less common and is also related to work YouTube

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From Instagram you can transfer files in a mobile application YouTube The lock appears due to geographic location or failures in video hosting. If a problem occurs while viewing posts or IGTV, it is recommended to go to YouTube itself and watch the movie is there.

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