My Instagram Followers Hack Generated Over 10kFollowers


Instagram is quite popular, especially amongst the teens.It is a great traffic source for new companies and entrepreneurs.

Instagram do quite well for specific niches due to its nature.For Example:





And so many other industries where photos make a good sense. And consumers get inspiration from photos and eventually buy your product or service. As an affiliate marketer, you can use it tomake a decent amount of cash using Instagram.

As a marketer, our goal is to get as much high quality traffic as possible from Instagram. The thing is that the more you get onInstagram the high engagement you get on your future posts.

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There are a lot of different techniques you can use to grow your Instagram followers. ( Both white and black hat) Let’s discuss both one by one.

Use Related #Hashtags

Instagram has a great feature to tag your photos and videos using Hashtags. Whenever you upload a new photo or video, please use relevant hashtags related to yourindustry/topic.

My Instagram Followers Hack Generated Over 10kFollowers

These hashtags help other people to find your content very easily. The more relevant hashtag you use the more traction and engagement you get.

If you share good content with the right hashtags, you’ll get alot of followers this way.

Based on my data, you can get 5-10 followers each time you posta decent photo with relevant hashtags.

Niche Relevant comments

As a starter in Instagram, you need to get the word out and pushy our message across Instagram using all different channels of Instagram.

Comment is one of them. What Io I mean by niche relevant comments?

Let’s take an example:

You are in Travel Niche and want to target people who visit Chiang Mai Thailand. To grow your audience and can comment on other people posts on Instagram.

Do not post spammy comments that is just a wall of text and does not make any sense. Like ” Good post, I like it, great” etc. Try toadd value. The content poster is notified so you can get a lot of traction from both content owners and their followers and people engaging with that specific photo/video.

Here is an example of a cool looking comment that stands out from the crowd.

My Instagram Followers Hack Generated Over 10kFollowers

You are kind of getting your foot in the door, interacting withthe community and making yourself an authority in the subject matter.

I did a quick search on Instagram for the hashtag #ChiangMai and found that there are more than 400k photos alone for this Hashtag!

My Instagram Followers Hack Generated Over 10kFollowers

Now you can use lot other Hashtags directly or in directly related to your target audience. For Example #Thailand#DigitalNomad #Coworking Space etc. Chiang Mia is a hub for digital nomads, you can target these Hashtags related to this as you might attract a good amount of targeted followers.

I suggest doing 30-50 relevant comments daily would be safe. Ifyou do it on a consistent basis for over a year, you can get a decent amount of traction.

Liking Niche Relevant Photos

This is the same technique as I outlined about but for likes instead of comments.

This is a bit less valuable because only the content poster geta notification about your activity and if the photo has a lot of likes, you might not get a lot of traction.

My suggestion is to comment in high activity photos and like fewer activity photos. Liking 50 photos a day would be safe. if you post 30 comments and 50 likes per day (on unique photos) you are putting in front of hundreds of potential costumers per day.

And this ad up if you do it for a month over month.

SideNote: This technique is only valuable if you are just starting out. I’d suggest to only continue this until you getyour first 1,000 followers. Why? Once you like other photos, your followers can see that in their timeline. if you likin dozens of photos a day, it is annoying for them and a lot of followers are going to unfollow you. You don’t want to do that.

Influencer Strategy

Influencer marketing is a pretty cool strategy, especially for Instagram. There are hundreds of large and small Instagram influencers.

You can find them using Hashtags as I specified above in this guide. Here is step by step process you can follow

  1. Create a list of all possible hashtag directly or in directly related to your niche/industry.
  2. Find all users with most followers on Instagram.
  3. A list of 100 influentials would be a decent list depending onyour industry.

The fourth and final step would be to outreach them and crack a deal i.e asking them to share your content, Mention you etc.

Don’t know what to write in Email templates? I found a great resource. Please read NinjaOutreach article 11 out standing influencer outreach email template to get some great ideas. Pleasedon’t copy and past! Use your own creativity to increase conversions.

You have different options available. You can offer free copy/piece of your product and let them decide if they want to feature it or not. Some influencer marketer uses the money to attract them.

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Strategies I outlined above can be pretty much automated using different software tools. There are different pros and cons ofdoing it manual and automated.

Pros: Automation can really 5x your input andthe result. You don’t need any process, it can save a lot of timeand money in the long run.

Cons: it is risky! You can get youraccount banned if you do not play it well and according to the rules. I only recommend automation if you are an expert and in thenext stage. Starting off, using automation can result in drainage of money and resources.

Different Automation Tools for Instagram

There are a lot of different tools in the market that you can use to automate your Instagram marketing. Here are my favorite tools I used myself and I’d recommend to my readers.

My Instagram Followers Hack Generated Over 10kFollowers

FollowLiker: is a desktop based tool. it can automate pretty much everything using Follow Liker you can run multiple accounts using proxies, like comment and upload photos in bulk with a time delay feature i.e you can put a delay in each activity to make it natural. The awesome thing about follow like is that you can run multiple accounts at the same time. I know creating more than one account isn’t easy. You can buy Instagram accounts from mysite.

Gramto: do pretty much the same as follow liker. The only difference is that gramto is a web based tool. It can be pretty handy because you do not have to pay expensive VPS cost and electricity cost if you plan to run these accounts 24/7365.My Instagram Followers Hack Generated Over 10kFollowers

Sign up To Gram to here. They do have a free trial. Test both tools out and use the one that fits your need better.

Hiring Freelancers: There are different marketplaces you can useto buy gigs for your instagram campaigns. Fiverr is one of the best market places to find Instagram experts.


it does not matter if you use black hat or white hat technique.The key to Instagram marketing is ” Consistency”. Write down everything you need to do ( comments, likes, photo uploads etc) ondaily basis.

Do it Day in and day out!

Don’t panic and keep doing it for a couple of months. You can start seeing consistent results within a couple of months.

If you have any questions, Don’t hesitate to Comment below. I’dbe glad to help.

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