New application from Instagram: Treads (Threads): what is it and where to download


In October 2019, Instagram made a new Threads app. or Threads). It should help us stay in touch with our loved ones. friends: faster and easier to send messages – text, photo and video. In the Russian version, the application is called the same as in English – Threads.

Threads (Threads / Threads) from Instagram: only chat with close friends

Instagram Threads Threads (Threads) - what is it?

Last year, the list of “Close Friends” appeared on Instagram and it became possible to publish Storis visible only to the group subscribers. Threads is essentially a separate messenger with correspondence and notifications for the group you choose independently in the application.

Even if you didn’t create the “Close Friends” list on Instagram, you can make it or add / remove people from there directly to Threads application, correspond with each individually or create a shared chat.

Threads (Threads) from Instagram: quickly share photos and video

a new application from Instagram: Threads Threads (Threads) - how to download Android a new application from Instagram: Threads Threads (Threads) - what is it and where to downloada new application from Instagram: Threads Threads (Threads) - where to find

Treds focuses on photos and videos – the application opens immediately in the “Camera” section. And avatars of those with whom you correspond more often In total, you can add directly to the camera screen, so that one touch to take a photo or video, and the second – immediately send it to this person.

Like on Instagram, you can overlay text on the photo you’ve taken or draw graphics. You can leave it in the chat forever or Allow to see only once.

Autostatus: what are friends doing now?

Instagram application: Threads Threads (Threads) - how to download Android

You can add “Autostatus” to Treads – for this, enable geolocation and the application will automatically show friends where you / what you are doing, and no geolocation will be shown. But if you do not need such surveillance – you can not include it.

Treading (Threads / Threads) from Instagram, you can use in parallel with Yandex.Direct on Instagram. Messages will be appear both there and there. Even if friends are not installed attachment. You send messages to Treds, and they will be able to get and write an answer in your Instagram account.

How to download the Threads app from Threads on Instagram

The application can already be found and downloaded on the App Store and Play Market

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