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After the last update on Instagram, two became available new tools: Color and Attenuation. Let’s talk about the first. To find it can be there, there is also an adjustment of brightness, contrast, sharpness and other parameters.

New tool

This name refers to a simple color change, or rather light tones in the photo or dark (or shadows in a different way). A palette of several shades is attached, there you can find red, blue, yellow, green and some others.

New tool

The intensity of this replacement can be adjusted in the same way as other effects and filters by changing the original photo just to unrecognizable. To do this, double-click on the appropriate color circle.

New tool

Here is an example of replacing the color of light areas with picture.

New tool

In general, I can’t say that the innovation is very necessary without it could not be dispensed with before. But I think that sometimes they can to use. Often the kind of bad photos from the phone’s camera The color swap effect can clearly be made better. Try and you!

P.S. The first days after updating Instagram a new option i For a long time I could not “hook” for screenshots. He then appears with me, it was disappearing. Those. for some pictures was, but for some not. I can explain this only glitch application. Now, it seems, this is already not visible.

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