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When uploading videos to Instagram, sound may be lost, change quality or error will appear. If there is no sound on Instagram when viewing materials, then the problem is in the application itself or smartphone settings.

Why Instagram videos load without sound

An error occurs not only when scrolling through the Ribbon, but also uploading personal materials. For example, in the editor and gallery there is musical accompaniment, but in posts and stories – is absent. The first thing to check after posting is clicked whether the bottom is the Sound button.

Other causes of the error:

  • Incorrect codec used to work with video files. The editing application or program is not intended to further posting on social networks;
  • the user did not turn on the sound on the smartphone. Click on the side a key located on the device;
  • broken speaker. A technical problem with the telephone;
  • outdated updates. If the video uploads to Instagram without sound – you need to update the application.

Some of the errors are resolved in the “Settings” of the smartphone: access to device features, lack of internet connection or settings sound. Others – through Instagram and reinstalling the application.

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All ways to solve problems in Storys and Tape

It is possible to restore work if there is no sound in Instagram. through the standard device settings:

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  1. Options – Sound. Instagram phone sound settingsInstagram phone sound settings
  2. Check if all sliders are at maximum. Sound Options for IntagramSound Options for Intagram
  3. Remove “Additional Effects” and “Sound Stabilizer.”

The second way:

  1. Options – Notifications.
  2. Find Instagram on the list. Instagram notification settingsInstagram notification settings
  3. Allow All – Save.

Also, the problem may be in allowed access: go to “Parameters” to the item “Applications”. The list will have Instagram and at the end of the settings – “Permitted Access”. Among specified functions, make available: Microphone, Camera and Memory.

It is worth checking the sound on the smartphone in general by turning on the video or music in the file gallery. If the problem is found only in Instagram – reinstall the application using the Play Market or AppStore

In the settings of the social network specify “Automatic update “:

  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Settings (side menu) – Information. Automatic update in Instagram settingsAutomatic update in Instagram settings
  3. Application update – set the switch to: “Install automatically.”

The same features are available in the content store settings.

How to turn sound on and off

When turned on, there is no video sound on Instagram – that means user did not click on record again.

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When launching videos, the music does not turn on immediately, but only after tapping on the screen:

  1. Log in to Instagram – Feed.
  2. Select a video from the available publications.
  3. Click in the lower right corner. Sound is disabled on InstagramSound is disabled on Instagram
  4. Set the volume level on the smartphone.

When scrolling through a video, the audio track will work in all records. Disable – also by clicking on the icon below.

A separate way to work with IGTV:

  1. Instagram – My page.
  2. Top icon “TV” – select from the list record.
  3. Press: “Watch” – adjust the regulator volume.

That is, the musical accompaniment will not be launched until until the user clicks: “Watch completely. ”

The problem when there is no sound on Instagram is solved by rebooting devices, the work of additional applications with music or video. Before working with any media content on Instagram, need to disable active services.

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