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To the article in which I collected all the problems that arise in Instagram users recently comes a lot of similar comments. They all come down to one topic. “Do not go to Instagram!” – people write and ask for help. what what to do? The main thing is not to panic! Any problem can be solved (or at least try to do it).

If you can’t access Instagram from your phone

1. First of all, check if you enter the correct login and password. If you have not changed your personal data, maybe you hacked? Try to reset your password using e-mail. mail.

2. If an “unknown network error” appears or something sort of, check your internet connection. Try to stop by at home, and, for example, with Wi-Fi in a cafe or using a mobile Internet.

3. If all else fails, then most likely you have recently updated their application on the phone, right? With the update went something is wrong. But don’t be discouraged, wait for the next one! Perhaps the developers will fix the glitch.

To speed up this business, write them yourself (here you will find detailed instructions on how to do this). Do not forget to specify the model of your phone, and it’s also clear to describe what exactly you don’t it turns out to be done. If you cannot do this, ask about this friend who has everything working.

Good luck In the meantime, you can not go to Instagram, enjoy real offline life. It also has a lot of things interesting!

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