Now on Instagram you can subscribe to hashtags


In December 2017, an Instagram update was released that changed the essence of social networking. Now you can subscribe to hashtags. “What is so unusual?” – you say. But the fact is that now no need to subscribe to several bloggers who write on Interesting topic. You can follow the hashtag and read the whole necessary information.

How to subscribe to a hashtag

You can even subscribe to the hashtag on Instagram right from the feed. The application itself will tell you the tags that in its opinion can you like it.

How to subscribe to the hashtag on Instagram

In addition, you can always use the search or find the desired tag through your or someone else’s publications.

How to subscribe to the hashtag on Instagram

How to see what you are subscribed to

Now, if you go to the subscription profile, you will see not only the people you read, but also the tags.

Hashtags on Instagram

And so not only with your personal profile, but also with others accounts.

Hashtags on Instagram

How are hashtag posts displayed in the stream?

The frequency of getting these posts in the feed is not yet clear. AND, honestly, most likely nobody will guess the algorithm. In my such publications appear after 5 regular, then 10. Apparently, it all depends on the top for hashtags and how much you are “close” to the person who writes by tag. It looks in the tape something like this.

Hashtags on Instagram

What gives us a new feature on Instagram

– Hashtags have found a new life. This is a fact, and everyone writes about it. Now bloggers will definitely tag posts in the hope of flicker with someone in the tape.

– Since you can follow a topic of interest by tag, people will subscribe less to bloggers – only to individual blogger hashtags or some global ones that everyone writes on. it means the following: to subscribe to you, now you must not just give a ton of the right information, but also be interesting personality, so that it’s also interesting to follow your life (e.g. through stories) and not just read your useful posts.

– Some bloggers, on the contrary, will not have hashtags for publications to not unsubscribe from them.

– Personal tags will again be in demand, but, unfortunately, they can be spammed with unnecessary ads.

– Do not forget that stories are also displayed by hashtags.

– Aggressive promotion methods (such as gives) will still be popular for getting users to subscribe voluntarily with mediocre content is almost unrealistic.

Have you already signed up for interesting hashtags on Instagram? I am. AND active users of Instagram in my feed also subscribed to 3-6 tags (individual blogging and general) depending on their interests (I checked).

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