Participate in sfs on Instagram and you will be happiness and a lot of subscribers!


Recently, more and more people began to spend on Instagram sfs – a great way to earn new subscribers and subscribe yourself to interesting people who are already following you.

But what is this SPS?

As already mentioned above, before you is a good tool to make your account more popular. Abbreviation sfs decrypts as Shoutout For Shoutout. It turns out that you ask and even shout about your person. There’s even some kind of analogy to the once-popular #FF on Twitter.

The essence of the whole idea is that a certain author arranges this flash mob – SFS on Instagram. By tradition, he asks everyone who wants to take part in the event, put a photo on your page from his profile (or just repost), write a few words about him, add a nickname and a unique tag, which will be available to all photos posted not only by you, but also by other participants. After some designated date, the author of the sfsa will talk about those users who previously talked about him, but maybe not about all, but only about the most interesting. In addition, there may be A variety of prizes have been drawn. The best thing about the essence of this action will tell a screenshot below.

What is sfs on Instagram

And so usually people talk about the SFS author.

What is sfs on Instagram

How to participate and make SFS on Instagram

In general, everything is simple. To participate, you take one of the user’s favorite photos (you can make a collage from several), put it in your profile or repost, add some description to the photo, be sure to indicate the desired hash tag and user nickname so that he can notice you. Usually, people who search for people’s likes come from a hash tag.

SFS on Instagram

Nick is needed, as you might guess, in order for your followers could go to your recommended page and subscribe.

By the way, your profile should be open, do not forget about this one.

To make sfs, you just need to lay out some publish on your page, announce the launch of the contest – politely ask your followers to participate, write something about you and put your nickname and unique hash tag that you must come up with. In the end, do not forget about gifts or your recommendations about those who participated.

What gives SFS

Yes, a lot of things and, most importantly – communication! If you yourself him spend, then there is a high probability that you new interesting people you can also subscribe to further follow. If you are a member, you may also be noticed if in the future the author of a famous page shares a link to your profile at home.

In general, if you are sociable, be sure to participate in sfs in Instagram, especially if the one who conducts it is interesting to you. Not feel free! New acquaintances are always interesting, profitable and informative!

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