Posting from a closed Instagram profile to others social networks


Even if you have a private profile on Instagram, you can set up export of your publications to other social networks and with pleasure to post moments of ig-life to your friends. And wherein it doesn’t matter if you have private pages there or not. But the question remains: if my Instagram is closed, then who can see my photos and videos uploaded to Twitter, Facebook or Vkontakte?

The answer is simple: even if you send publications from private Insta profile in other social. network, your posts will be available to those who can watch them there. That is, roughly speaking, all friends from Facebook and Vkontakte will see and go to your photo, and if VKontakte and Facebook pages you did not close as Instagram, then any person in general. Another thing to see they won’t be able to leave your other photos and videos from Instagram until Knock to you for authorization.

In general, sending your pictures to other social networks. network remember that they are now available to those users who see your posts there. The link becomes active just as you would copy her from the application.

By the way, this is how Instagram post on Facebook looks. how you see, according to my facebook privacy settings it is available only for friends.

Posting to other social networks from Instagram

So on Vkontakte. Everyone can see her, as on Twitter.

Posting to other social networks from Instagram

And so on Twitter. A few pieces in a row succeeded take a screenshot?

Posting to other social networks from Instagram

As you can see, there is always a link by which you can go to Instagram post.

It all seems a bit complicated, but on the other hand, this The policy is very convenient. You can show on Vkontakte, in Facebook or Twitter only part of your photos and videos from Instagram, thereby collecting in the application only “trusted persons “for whom it’s not a shame to disclose everything that happens to you in life and share the innermost. And for the rest of the social. networks leave only selected posts that can be shown there though would in order not to disappear from view for former colleagues or classmates.

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