Potentially Inappropriate Content in Instagram


Potentially Inappropriate Content on Instagram

Updated – July 26, 2019

Some publications and stories are marked as potentially inappropriate Instagram content.

What it is? How to see such photos (video)?

Potentially Inappropriate Instagram Content

If the publication does not violate the rules of the Instagram service, but users complain about it, then such an entry is marked as inappropriate content.

Potentially Inappropriate ContentPotentially Inappropriate Content

  • Potentially Inappropriate Content label on blurred background with пометкойPotentially Inappropriate Content in Instagram;
  • The publication will not be deleted, but in order to see it, you need will be touched the inscription “Watch Photos”.

Mostly hiding photos and videos in which they participate animals.

The protection function only works when there are complaints users.

P.S. I recommend to see the prohibited hashtags on Instagram, so as not to accidentally put them

Video tutorial: potentially inappropriate content in Instagram.

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