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The error “failed to create a chain” on Instagram appears in Direct when sending messages. Reasons become: blocking on the recipient’s side, there is no entry through a third-party application network connection and nickname change.

What is chaining in Direct

The message chain in Yandex.Direct is correspondence with others. by users. The page owner creates a chat with one or several acquaintances, sends photos, videos or text notifications. On the recipient page, through the mobile version, either a request or an invitation to correspondence appears.

How to write to another user:

  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Go to someone else’s page – Subscribe. Write on InstagramWrite on Instagram
  3. Press: “Send message” – enter text notification.

Or use the Direct and user search section. Pressing the appeared line with someone else’s account, Instagram will redirect to conversation creation tab.

Send message fails:

  • Didn’t find an answer? Ask a question, we will prepare and send you an answer by e-mail
  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade
  • if another user has blocked the sender;
  • Private account settings are indicated;
  • The correspondence request was rejected.

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In the case of an error: “Failed to create a chain” in Yandex.Direct Instagram – the reason is often not updated version applications.

Why failed to create a conversation – reasons

Passing into the dialogue and sending notifications, the user will notice on screen error text: “Could not create chain” in Instagram.

What is it and when does it appear:

  • the owner of another page has changed his nickname;
  • Instagram internal error;
  • lack of internet access;
  • sender is blacklisted.

The problem with the Internet can be solved by standard switching to stable network. Preferably, home Wi-Fi or access point, to which user connects most often. Also helps and reinstalling the application, with preliminary data cleaning.

Instagram internal errors are associated with mass failures. In such In this case, you can only wait until a new update is released. It will either install automatically or appear on the Play Market and AppStore

All solutions

Determine that the recipient has blocked the sender in this way:

  1. Go to another user’s page.
  2. Check for posts and likes.

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If a person has added another to the black list, the inscription will appear: No posts, and the post counter has been reset. I.e previously posted publications will not be available, as well as display Stories The sender can write from another page, thereby by checking for publications and the ability to send messages.

The second way is to delete the correspondence and start over. How to clean Instagram chat:

  1. Go to Direct – click on correspondence.
  2. Hold finger – a pop-up menu will appear. Delete Instagram chat from DirectDelete Instagram chat from Direct
  3. Select: “Delete” – confirm act.

Now, you need to recreate the chat by sending a message to the user. If the error persists, reinstall or update. attachment.

The third way, if you could not create a conversation in Instagram: check nickname. Just click on the avatar recipient to go to his profile. A new one will be indicated on top. nickname. But you can only create correspondence with a new nickname in case the owner of the page himself writes.

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