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Video processing for Instagram is popular: vibrant pictures attract the attention of visitors using this format can convey more information. Maximum movie length – one minute, size – up to 1 GB.

Programs and applications for video processing on Instagram

To process, shorten or modify a video, you need use the standard editor or a special application for processing. You can create a video through the computer, transferring him after to a mobile device.

The list of standard tools includes:

  • add a music track. Music recommended without copyright so that the video is not blocked in further;
  • shorten the video. Trim unwanted parts, speed up or slow down
  • color correction. Add a filter to all videos;
  • adding visual effects. Depending on the used the editor.

For computers, programs and online services are also offered. FROM they can be used to edit videos for Instagram in just a few clicks by performing the same actions as in mobile versions.

Instagram video processing apps

From the popular editors stand out applications from the official content stores. Unlike built-in tools, they paid and free features added.

The user can pay a premium package and receive additional filters, stickers and objects for editing.

Video editors are divided into:

  • adding visual effects: fire, explosions, wind and rain;
  • correction. Change the footage, color, contrast and level brightness
  • “aging” footage. Film Image Effect, Adding fading.

Each of these options is suitable for mobile devices. Android and iOS. The standard tool for the iPhone has become iMovie where minimal editing is available. On Android, standard functions for changing footage are not suggested.

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Video Processing for Instagram on Android

List of applications that will help with video editing:

  • KiraKira +. Add sparkles, flickering stars
  • 90s Editor. Creating a film image, scuffs and dates;
  • Efectum. Slow down video, speed up or crop.

For example, the last application, instructions on how to create unusual video for Instagram:

  1. Download and install the application through the official store content.
  2. Open – Agree to the terms use. Edit Instagram VideoEdit Instagram Video
  3. Choose the type of processing: acceleration, deceleration, stop frame.
  4. Allow access to storage – Select a video for editing. Choose a video to edit InstagramChoose a video to edit Instagram
  5. Specify settings – “Save”.

To work with the application you will need a paid subscription or view ads to get free features. Finite the result will be saved in high quality, while maintaining source.

Processing photos and videos for Instagram is available in the most social network. When placing the user can specify a filter, crop superfluous or indicate the time when the video should end.

Video processing for Instagram iPhone

For mobile devices based on iOS, the following list is proposed popular editors:

  • 8mm Vintage Camera. Creating vintage videos, with processing under the film;
  • Cinemagraph. Adding Cinemagraphic effect: some of the objects will move. Also suitable for photo processing;
  • Glitche Custom editor creating the effect of a digital “error”, flickering image as on the screen TV.

The latter option is approved by famous users on Instagram: Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea, Nike and others.

To edit, just run the application and add video. The following appears in the settings menu: 3D color separation, pixelation, adding separate fragments of video in different parts screen.

The same editor is suitable for photos. Other, no less popular application for creating a film effect – VHS cam. Use it to add color noise, dates, make the video “old” as if filmed in the 90s.

In the application functionality: adding an existing footage followed by editing and shooting in “real” time.

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Video processing for Instagram on a computer

Installing video on a PC is time-consuming and suitable for users who engaged in professional processing.

From famous programs: Vegas Pro, Movavi, Corel Visual

Simpler editors:

  • Lightworks. Over a hundred effects are available, tools for trimming and acceleration. Offered in paid and free format. The restriction is set on the quality of the final result;
  • CyberLink PowerDirector 16. Designed for quick editing, with a minimum of settings. Free trial available;
  • Adobe Premiere This program is used bloggers, companies and brands. Step by step instructions show how to work with the video editor.

By creating a video larger than 1 GB, on the smartphone’s screen at placing, will appear: “When processing your video has occurred error. “We recommend that you lower your quality settings to medium.

Video processing for Instagram online

Online editors have limited functionality. Among editors stand out: Photomosh and Clipchamp. Using them, the user can edit photos and video.

Using the first, you can add the effects of “system crashes.” The second is designed for slicing, reducing quality for social media posts.

Video processing for Instagram through editors on a computer complicates the task: the device owner needs to save, transfer file on the phone, fit the size of the smartphone. And also on graduation, post on Instagram. Maximum Resolution vertical and horizontal – 1080 * 1080 pixels.

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