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PromoFlow is a convenient tool for promotion, auto-posting and sending messages to Direct. You can connect up to 25 in the application Instagram accounts by setting automatic likes and comments.

Application features

PromoFlow is available in an online version from a computer and mobile, with using the application. In addition to connecting via Instagram, you need Connect an account with Google.

Functions are offered for a fee, but the user can earn points by viewing ads. For one publication with 1 point is debited, 100 is charged for initial registration points.

Todo list in PromoFlowTodo list in PromoFlow

The application interface can be complicated and incomprehensible to new users. There are several sections with settings that are include publishing limits and likes, synonyms for posts in Direct, automatic reply options.

By connecting one page, the user creates tasks that gradually performed. Information about system errors repeated authorization and blocking in Instagram appears under the panel with account.

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Related pages are shown on the main screen. To go from one account to another does not need to re-login. Moreover, the user can create tasks that will run simultaneously, but for different accounts.

Advantages and disadvantages

Due to the complexity of the interface, many users are confused and not can understand the basic functions. Developer offers instructions on the site, as well as chat in the Telegram messenger to ask a question directly. This complicates the placement process. publications, connecting and cheating subscribers.

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Advantages of PromoFlow for Instagram:

  • the ability to specify a delay between posts or likes. The user controls the number of “Like” marks in a minute;
  • reading posts and comments. By connecting any account record, notifications will appear in smartphone notifications about posts and comments. They can be read in “invisibility”;
  • autoposting. For each posted photo or video only one point is removed. In the settings you can specify: time publications, hashtags, description and profile where it will be created publication;
  • bonuses and coins per view. User can accumulate points, using free methods.

Settings in PromoFlowSettings in PromoFlow

Comparison with other applications, PromoFlow – large-scale a tool aimed at working with business pages and personal profiles. Moreover, it depends on constant updates in social network.

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This causes errors and malfunctions in PromoFlow, therefore the user will have to regularly check for updates on the Play Market and Telegram chat.

What is useful for Instagram

With PromoFlow, you don’t have to worry about posting photos and video, switching between different accounts. Applications more directed to commercial pages: company, private entrepreneurship, large communities.

Direct PromoFlow NewsletterDirect PromoFlow Newsletter

Using PromoFlow for Instagram, account holder receives regular alerts about actions in the profile. Available Browse through popular posts, reply to comments. Through Direct settings can send messages to an audience more Thousands of people indicate the newsletter for a specific audience.

But the application does not include standard targeting functions, therefore much will have to be specified manually. Also, with its help, you can cheat a “live” audience and not fall under the block. Important set parameters, taking into account the limit in the social network. PromoFlow for Instagram will help in finding an audience, working with commercial pages and personal.

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