Promotion on Instagram for cosmetologist accounts and doctors


Profiles of doctors, dentists and cosmetologists – you can promote in Instagram. And that means new customers and revenue growth.

Errors in accountsInstagram of doctors and cosmetologists

  • No promotion
  • Scary “before” photos – skin defects, crooked teeth, ingrown nails etc. It’s unpleasant to look at all this and subscribe to such a I don’t want a profile.
  • Disagreement in photos, there is no single style in the account.
  • Multi-colored inscriptions on the photo
  • Abstruse texts copied from the Internet and read “like from a textbook” – with a bunch of obscure terminology

How to properly promote Instagram doctors and beauticians?

Advertising and massfollowing

Many look down on massfollowing and consider something like cheating subscribers. In fact, it can be a good way. to attract the attention of those who need your services (for example, Mass-tagging by geotags and competitors). Plus you can do Mass-linking to your subscribers to remind yourself. ?InstaPlus – service for massfolding (? Article how use)

Targeted advertising is not as difficult as it sounds. And not so expensive. You can control the budget yourself, put ads at least for one day. How much will such an advertisement cost you when you target (age, place of residence, interests, and etc.). Facebook will show you the approximate cost of promotion.

Advertising with bloggers is good because they are more trusted than official advertising. But be sure to check accounts on cheat.

Bloggers and advertising exchanges:? labelup? epicstars

A photo

If you have unaesthetic photos on your Instagram account – this is sharp reduces the% of subscribers to your account. At first sight it’s clear that “everything is gray and dull here” – for this every day I don’t want to watch. Therefore, the most important thing you need to work is a great photo.

Yes, to visually demonstrate the results of the work you need a photo “before and after. “But it might be better for the” before “to post to the post gallery, second photo in the series? So your account will look beautiful and in uniform style.

Be sure to ask customers for permission to publish photos. Maybe give them a couple of sincere compliments so that they “melted” and did not hesitate to show themselves on your Instagram. IN ideally, under such photos you need to publish a customer review.

If you have a heading “useful tips”, then do not be lazy and pick beautiful photos, process with the same filter. Not post the first photo you’ve searched for.


If you decide to record short clips, then the work process is better Do not shoot close-up (again, “scary”). Show yourself how you communicate. If the doctor is pleasant in communication, it is always disposes.

Do not shoot in a dark room and against a background of yellow walls. Make sure your office looks neat. You You may not notice the mess on the table or casually thrown clothes, but this can push potential customers.


You should have not only selling posts – about which consultations and procedures can be ordered, but also helpful. Moreover useful posts should be 3-5 times more. Write about the most frequent problems of your customers – and how to solve them. Make an impression a person well versed in his business.

About myself

You need to talk about yourself, but try to pay more attention professional, not personal life. You should be treated like a professional, not like a neighbor’s girl.

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