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Promotion inInstagram for free and on your own – is it real? Yes! But do not expect that you will have a lot, 50,000 “living” subscribers in a month. At best, if you really try, You can recruit 1000-3000 people per month in your account for free methods (if you are not a star or you were promoted by a large account). AND it’s all without cheating! Your main investment will be time and effort spent.

Promotion Instagrams for free 2020

Promotion Instagrams for free 2020

You can’t forget about free methods, even when you do paid advertising for promotion on Instagram. Need beautiful photos and video, interesting texts. To design posts in the same style, you can use programs for Instagram.

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What are the methods of self-promotion of the account in Instagram for free?

To get “live” subscribers without cheating, most often use: Statistics, Hashtags, Sfs , interactive (polls, contests, etc.), viral content, Storis, other social networks and of course same quality content (without it, you can’t even tackle promotion, because then there is nothing to untwist).

Less obvious but very important elements for free promotion: keywords in the title and description, geotags, content design, comments in promoted accounts, offline promotion.

We will analyze all these methods in more detail.

Promotion of Instagram account for free

Keywords in account name and description

Keywords in the title (“Username”) and description (“About yourself “) account can be important for promotion in the natural Search Instagram. Keywords are the words by which you potential subscribers can find. For a clothing store and accessories – dresses, bags, shoes. For a flower shop – flowers, bouquets. Etc. And for bloggers, the name is important (if you’re at least a little untwisted) or emotionally “catchy” phrase.

You can also use Emoji to attract attention. But do not overdo it! Too many emoji give the same effect as “!!!” at the end of every second sentence.

Promotion of Instagram for free - business account

Example business account profile on Instagram

Instagram promotion for free - blogger

Example blogger profile on Instagram

Previously, it was enough to clearly outline the topic of the blog, write who you are and what you do / about what blog. Most already popular bloggers and stars often write only their name and contacts advertising manager.

But for beginners, this is definitely not suitable! Need to come up account description that will make your blog unique and cause emotions. Write out what sets you apart from other beauty bloggers or clothing stores. Choose the most successful and catchy phrases.

Instagram hashtags

Hashtags (#) for promotion on Instagram before could give an additional 20-30 subscribers per day, free of charge. But this is no longer so effective for posts. But for free promotion in Instagram through Storys – yes! If you are completely new, then the extra 10-500 views will be tangible for you. Will there be any subscriptions? Think for yourself – in which case you subscribe to the author Hashtag Storys?

It’s been noticed that hashtags most often get videos to Storis, and not a photo. And if you put only one hashtag, not 10, and periodically change – this will also increase the number of views.


In addition to the Hashtags, do not forget to specify the geolocation (Geotags), use popular places (best where your customers)! For example, online stores (clothing, cosmetics and etc.) put in a geolocation famous cafes / bars / beauty salons and etc.

Instagram promotion for free geotag

pay attention to the geotag – Restaurant “Terrin”

This method worked better in 2016-2017, now in 2020 geotags also moved to History. Although hashtags work better.

Post time

In TOP-9 by Hashtags and Geotags those who get the fastest (and not most!) Like. Those. you will overtake a photo with a larger the number of Likes, if you ran them faster. Make a post in good time, get Likes faster and get into the TOP-9. When your subscribers are most active – it’s convenient to look at statistics if you have a business account.

Stories – if you need to collect maximum views on some Story, then take a longer break between the previous story and this one. Then the story you need will stay first longer on the list.


Without good content, you can forget about promotion. This does not apply only Instagram, but all social networks.

If you are bored and have no interesting materials and beautiful photos (especially important for Instagram!), then do not rely on free subscribers.

Photos should be bright or in bright colors. Delete all old cloudy and dark photos – they repel. Use apps for processing photos and videos (for example, VSCO). Try posting from several photos and videos. If you are not a photographer or a model, then beautiful photos for post covers can be downloaded from sites with free professional pics.

Learn to make viral content – under which friends are marked (do not forget to write in the post “mark friends who too—”), which will be shared in direct.

Appear regularly on Instagram Storis and make direct Broadcast (live). Create polls. This is an opportunity publish content more often (which means constantly reminding yourself), but at the same time, do not litter the feed to subscribers. Can do it yourself avatar with a colorful frame, like Storeys. It attracts Attention.

Upload video to IGTV. Especially while there are few competitors.

Do not post everything in order to post something. This is annoying and people will unsubscribe.

Instagram promotion free content

beautiful jewelry account

Instagram promotion free content

bright lifestyle blog

Content Features:

  • entertain (“seals”, humor, etc.)
  • provide useful information
  • engage in a conversation (ask for an opinion or ask to share experience)

Always start your free promotion on Instagram with content, this is the surest way to recruit “live” subscribers for free. You can draw up a content plan for the future, it will greatly facilitate work.

How often do posts? Better 1-3 times a day, for convenience You can use the services of deferred posting (in them you can work from a computer).

But in Storis must appear daily. Even if you store – you need to come up with interesting content, collections and news, interesting to subscribers.

Viral content

If you made a post that everyone starts sharing for free and he hit the recommended – you get a lot of subscribers is free.

Follow what is trending on Instagram what topics. Healthy lifestyle feminism, relationships, fashion and shopping, beauty, etc. – all these topics in different times gathered a large audience.

Be interested in news, general, and in your field. Post and Stories on current topics.

You don’t have to grab them right away if it’s not close to you. But you can always embed something in your content to interest new people.

For example, now, in 2020, a big hype to the virtual (augmented) reality – AR filters or masks in Storis. Many accounts use them for free promotion. We (account @grammarhelp) repost for interesting Masked Stories. Mark our account on your History.


To increase your reach and more often fall within the recommended range, Be sure to engage subscribers. These are comments, and Direct, and Stickers in Storis – poll, question, quiz. If the subscriber does not doesn’t show itself on your page, then Instagram puts you in his tape. And if on the contrary – likes, writes comments – then Instagram will offer your account to its subscribers.

Creating interactivity is not as easy as picking up hashtags. AND you do not see an immediate effect. But believe me, this is one of the most effective free promotion methods.

Business Account and Statistics

Make a business account author’s account and get Free Instagram stats.

With statistics on Instagram you will know which methods promotions work better in your account, which posts “go” – they have a lot of coverage and conservation, and which ones do not need to spend time. You will better know the target audience – age, city, when more often go to Instagram. You know the audience better – do the posts, which they like – attract new subscribers with similar tastes.

Social networks

After registering on Instagram, you can “invite” your friends from Facebook (for this you will need to enter your username / password on Facebook). So you can get the first subscribers.

You can also set up cross-sharing on VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Swarm. Be sure to cross-post those social networks that you have, invite to subscribe to Instagram. So you can get a few more subscribers from these social networks.

Thus, almost immediately after registration you will have not 0, but about 100-300 subscribers (more or less, depending on your activity on social networks).


SFS (Shoutout for shoutout) – a mutual PR, I talk about your account, and you at home – about mine. This method is free Instagram promotions are ironically called “spam for spam”. But if everything is done correctly, then it works! Do SFS (SFS) with those with an account in a similar area. For example, you are a photographer and you can do sfs with stylists and makeup artists, with beauty bloggers.

If you yourself don’t want to sign up for an account that offers sfs – it’s better not to cooperate. Your recommendation should be sincere, then it will not annoy subscribers. Your the profile, in turn, should be interesting to the audience of those who you will post at home.


Networking is not just about sfs when you exchanged reposts and forgot each other. We need to find regular partners. For instance, if you are a hair master, then write to fashion bloggers, fitonashki, makeup stylists, etc. Collaborate with them on barter, Be friends and chat with each other in the comments so that subscribers have seen sincerity.

Do not be a lone wolf and join the “party” to about you recognized as many people as possible. Networking works better just for promotion on Instagram, when there is no money for advertising. Even for an already promoted blogger, friendship with other bloggers is useful “fresh blood” – this fuels the interest of subscribers.


This method is time-consuming, but effective. You need to accounts of stars, famous bloggers and opinion leaders (in the adjacent your area) leave comments and chat with others by subscribers. But you do not need frank advertising, this does not work.

Write comments on the topic, join the conversation, show yourself how an expert. Perhaps the audience will be interested in you and go to your account These will be the live subscribers that you really interesting. They are more likely to like, comment and buy something.

You can also register an additional account, “revive” it (add some photos, get some followers) and leave comments like “also looking for debt such shoes, found at @luxshoes “.

Do not leave the same comments with all bloggers in a row. The audience of profiles of the same subject intersects and soon everything understand that your comments are ads.

Additional Accounts

The method is obvious, but not everyone uses it.

The bottom line is that you clone your accounts but don’t full copy. Post different content for each account. it allow you to build an audience (and, accordingly, sales) much faster.

For example, if you have 5 accounts and you use massfollowing and masslicking (paid methods promotion), then you can simply do 5 times more likes / subscriptions! Thus you will receive 5 times more subscriptions.

If you are engaged in the promotion of your account yourself, then it’s very time consuming to fill out an additional account with content. But in the future it will be possible to hire an assistant.


If you interact with customers offline, always remind them what you have instagram. Create your own hashtag and sorry Customers celebrate you if, for example, they write a review.

For example, in clothing stores you can see hashtags of the brand clothes on the mirrors in the changing rooms. In cafes and clubs – on mirrors in the restroom. If there is a mirror – this is a guarantee that customers will take selfies. So this is your chance for free Advertise your Instagram or hashtag on these selfies.

If you are exhibiting, post your @ profile Instagram or hashtag prominently behind you. Then if you / s you will be photographed, then the photo will then be a link to you – Another example of free advertising.

Promise customers discounts, promotions, etc. And about all this – You can quickly find out on your Instagram.

Contests, projects, marathons, Giveaways

So that your competition / project / marathon / Giveaway will be held with the maximum by return, make it simple. No need to demand an audience simultaneously subscribe to 10 accounts, upload photos in three social networks and tag 20 friends. Everyone is lazy, especially if you don’t offer a new iPhone as a gift.

Examples of simple tasks:

  • subscribe and mark three friends (who will also receive a gift – otherwise mark the “left” accounts)
  • subscribe and repost
  • take a picture in our cafe on the background of the hashtag, put it in your insta and mark us.

And do not try to kill several in one contest hares. You are either recruiting new people to your account, or attract already “warm” subscribers to your place at discount share, etc.

Everyone wants to win a prize for free during contests / marathons. Therefore, at this time, buying something for money will be less actively.

Checklist for Instagram layout for free

For convenience, here’s a checklist of all the free methods. Instagram promotions. Check your account on it.

☑️ Keywords in the name and description of the account. ☑️ Hashtags for promotion on Instagram. ☑️ Geotags on Instagram. ☑️ Good time publication. ☑️ Good and regular content. ☑️ Business account and statistics. ☑️ Social networks. ☑️ SFS (mutual PR). ☑️ Networking. ☑️ Comments in promoted accounts. ☑️ Additional accounts. ☑️ Offline. ☑️ Competitions, Giveaways, projects, marathons.

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