Promotion on Instagram for stores for children (baby clothes)


Talk about content for the Instagram store for children (clothes, strollers, shoes, rattles, rodents and holders, etc.) On Instagram, there are a lot of mummies and selling them on this social network can be much less expensive than via VK or Facebook.

Errors in the Instagram of stores for children:

  • no promotion
  • photos of clothes and shoes (not always in perfect condition) on untidy background (sheet, table, floor)
  • photo of goods for children, as in the catalog (in plain white or gray background)
  • poorly cropped (cropped) images collected in collages (and in the end it’s not very clear what is in the photo)
  • collages made by a beginner – a poor combination of images, ugly background

On this Instagram, no one wants to subscribe and buyers there will be very few.

How to promote Instagram for stores for children

Advertising on Instagram and Massfollowing

Mass promotion also works for promotion. It costs 399 rubles. per month, quite cheap compared to advertising. If your account for less than 6 months, then use massfollowing risky. But you can take “adult” accounts (which is not a pity), revive them and set up massfollowing on them. And in the header of the account each put a link to their main account.

? InstaPlus – a service for massfolding and massuling (? Article how to use)

Advertising can be done: with bloggers, targeted through Facebook and “post promotion.”

For collaboration, always check bloggers for cheating and ask for statistics.

Bloggers and advertising exchanges:? labelup? epicstars

Photo for Instagram children’s clothing store

Photo quality is the most important thing. Take photos of clothes on children, they always collect a lot of likes. Sell ​​strollers – take pictures of children and mothers for a walk (best if you post a photo in winter – that photo is winter, in summer – summer, etc.). Onion Photos – do sets of clothes on a beautiful background, not on carpet / floor.

Instagram for Wikki Leto's baby shop

Commentary by Vikki child and family photographer Leto:

Go to a photo studio and buy pieces of backgrounds for photos from them 300 rubles / meter and you will be happy. A lot and at once. Only need clarify before you go to the studio – can they have pieces buy and what are the colors. In Moscow, in good studios of 20 colors eat usually. But the studio should be with studio lighting. Because many studios with large windows – there are almost no backgrounds. For background you can take a piece of plywood of the right size, paint it with graphite paint (paint used to paint surfaces to get something like a blackboard). She now has all colors. And then on this stuff things out. And you can finely sign prices, name store phone. It will be unusual. I haven’t seen this, in anyway.

Explore your target audience (target audience). It’s pregnant and already mothers who gave birth. But what kind of kids do they have – up to a year / three / five years? Boys or girls? What is the family’s income? If the audience mixed, then the content she needs will be different. There are those who dress children in the latest fashion – they need branded accessories and clothes for children and super stylish photos. And there are those who have limited budget and they need practical things, but the company is not important – their perfect photos can even scare them off (they’ll think that “expensive” and leave without even looking at the price). They need to take photos that They look cute and gentle, but not glossy and expensive. Explore Accounts competitors, read the comments (!). This will help you decide with the target audience.

Video for Instagram children’s clothing store

Post funny videos about children or motherhood. For instance, @irina_gorbacheva

Texts (posts) for the Instagram of a children’s clothing store

Many young mothers spend a lot of time hugging with their smartphone, as there is simply no time for the computer because of the child. AND Instagram has the lowest social media competition. Mom willingly make comments, make friends and buy from those who are trusted. Use this – suggest topics for discussion (about a child, relationships with husband, cooking, etc. ). You can enter categories: where to relax with child, rating of maternity hospitals and reviews of courses for pregnant women, etc. Ask to share your experience and give your opinion, so you will get a lot comments.

personal information

If you are a young mother, then write about yourself and your everyday life. About, how to choose new clothes and accessories for your baby and for the store. Make reviews of friends and satisfied customers. For convenience you can make an additional account on Instagram, where there will only be catalog. It can be referenced from the main product store account for children.

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