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The Quik mobile video editor for Instagram is designed to creating interesting videos by template. Works with video files and Creates presentations with music.


Quik Introduces Small Tool for Fast Processing video and presentation creation.

The editor functions include:

  • image processing and filter catalog;
  • music. Official from the application and from the internal storage to a smartphone;
  • settings for transitions. Work with each part separately;
  • fonts and palette. Separate settings for the text part.

Quik create a new project for InstagramQuik create a new project for Instagram

The user can create a short video, with automatic Instagram post. When saving, you can specify: add to social network or leave on a smartphone.

A separate category for projects. Every movie you create saved in the application for further editing. To him you can return to change the soundtrack, add more photos or video, shorten or make longer.

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The application is suitable for creating quick presentations, with minimum size. Video optimized and compressed for social networks, but without loss of original quality. By tapping on the main screen: “Create project”, the system will prompt you to select either video files to add, or pictures.

Other benefits:

  • catalog of pre-selected effects. About 15 patterns, with headline and prepared melody;
  • duration. User can shorten the duration video tracks
  • the ability to turn off the ending with a watermark;
  • automatic selection of frames from the video;
  • photos and videos with automatic temporary adjustment under to the music.

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Quik Tools for InstagramQuik Tools for Instagram

In the list of prepared projects, a selection of previously created ones is available, deleting or editing them. The shelf life of one project is not more than seven days. User can renew if regularly Go back to the created video and edit it.

Usefulness for Instagram

For social networks, and in particular for Instagram, editor Suitable for creating short videos in Stories and publishing. TO For example, using video effects and transitions, you can add presentation of the product or page on Instagram.

Where else can I use:

  • advertising. Creation of advertising for yourself or public relations of others users
  • photo album in video format. For one project, you can add no more than 15 pictures;
  • reviews and short clips. The application will automatically adjust frames for the music track.

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List of available filters for InstagramList of available filters for Instagram

When saving the created video file, the user is prompted send it to Stories. Confirming, the application will transfer to the menu create a temporary publication.

Download Phone Versions

  • Download for Android
  • Download for iOS

Quik mobile video editor for Instagram will help in creating interesting and short clips. Using auto mode, the user will spend no more than five minutes to glue up to 15 snapshots and add a music file.

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