Random number generator for the draw in Instagram


Random Number Generator for Instagram

Updated – November 20, 2019

Sometimes you may need a random number generator to draw on Instagram.

Usually a generator is needed to determine the winners in the competition comments.

Each comment gets a unique number and with generator one or more of them wins.

Instagram Random Number Generator

Among the many generators, we will consider the simplest and comfortable. Plus, online and free.

Number generator

  • “In range” – set the range of numbers (with what comment number begins and ends the contest);
  • “Create numbers” – indicate how much should be winning numbers;
  • “No repetition in the results” – put a check mark so that the numbers do not repeat;
  • “Sort in order” – check the box so that random numbers are sorted in order.

Results can be displayed in a table or row.

Below you can find a link to quickly generate what you created a set of numbers.

Competition Tips comments:

  • Come up with a simple condition (write a joke, interesting signature, funny case);
  • Hold contests when there are more than 3 thousand subscribers;
  • Win prizes no more than once a week;
  • Create a prize for which users will show activity;
  • Record the results of the draws on video;
  • Use the service with which you can unload comments from Instagram in Excel (see article);
  • Do not be fooled by subscribers – do everything honestly.

Video tutorial on the topic: random number generator for the draw in Instagram.

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