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The number of followers on Instagram affects traffic pages, and also, can become a way of extra income. If the profile is popular among other members of the social network, the owner can apply for monetization, receive advertising and advantageous offers of cooperation.

The largest number of followers on Instagram is official Instagram account.

What is the maximum number of subscribers

When compared with the audience of the official profile – the number subscribers can be unlimited. The most popular profile More than 280 million readers, excluding fake pages and bots. Further, in the rating by the number of subscribers on Instagram – pop stars, bloggers and politicians.

There is a limit in the social network for the total number of subscriptions – no more than 10000. The optimal number for developing The page counts as 7500.

Profile popularity is achieved by:

  • hashtags and geotags;
  • owner fame in wide circles;
  • scandals and news, which featured the owner of the profile.


Simple users are becoming popular on Instagram. turning into the status of “blogger”. No fewer subscribers pages of brands and companies, for example: Nike, Puma, magazine Girls

List of users with a record number

Top rated stars like Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez. The number of their subscribers is growing depending on the news in Media and recent action.

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So, the first on the list of Selena Gomez lost 5% of the audience when stopped posting new photos. For now, maximum Instagram followers for Cristiano Ronaldo – 148 million

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Ronaldo on InstagramRonaldo on Instagram

The second is Selena Gomez with 144.5 million. Audience constantly growing, can subscribe to her account during the day more than 100 thousand people. In 2016, her photo became the most popular, gaining 7 million “Like”.

Ratings are compiled every month or when any the user goes into the rating, swaps with the most popular. Any changes to the list are recorded and published in official account.

Stars and Celebrities

In addition to these, the TOP-10 is composed of stars, politicians and athletes. A separate rating is compiled for models and bloggers who also hold high positions.

The list of users on Instagram with the largest number subscribers in the world:

  1. Third place: American singer Ariana Grande – 143.5 million
  2. Fourth: wrestler and film actor Dwayne Johnson – 129.72 million
  3. Fifth: actress and model Kim Kardashian – 125.7 million

Kim Kardashian on InstagramKim Kardashian on Instagram

Next, in the list of Instagram accounts with the largest number subscribers: Culie Jenner, Bjonce, Taylor Swift and soccer player Neymar.

Russian rating is headed by:

  1. Olga Buzova – 14.3 million
  2. Khabib Nurmagomedov – 13.5 million
  3. Timati – 13.2 million
  4. Ksenia Borodina – 11.9 million
  5. Pavel Volya – 11.4 million

Instagram has the largest number of subscribers in Russia as well bloggers and media personalities. In a separate category you can post “Instagram in Russian” – community, regularly posting popular photos from Russian segment.

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The Bloggers with the Most Subscriptions

Bloggers and authors are some of the popular users on whom daily subscribes from 5,000 people. In Russia, the position famous winer (* vine – short video, no more than 15 seconds) Takes – Anastasia Ivleeva, who also became the leading television show “Eagle and Tails”.

Ivleeva on InstagramIvleeva on Instagram

With 4.2 million – Elena Sheidlina, a model and youtuber. Her not only Russian users are interested in photos, but also many overseas. The success of the girl is achieved thanks to Original image processing and creative ideas.

With 7 million subscribers, the famous youtuber girl is Katya Klep. because of her unusual videos, she’s often on YouTube events Review “. Instagram posts previews from the following videos, Shares personal life with subscribers. Same amount Huseyn Hasanov’s fans are a blogger and entrepreneur.

In the English-speaking environment sought fame: a record number Instagram followers with Lele Pons (33 million), Hannah Stonking (15.6 million), Inanna Sarkis (9.3 million), Anwar Djibawi (5.9 million).

You can also add YouTube and singer Lauren Gray to this list. (15.7 million). Rating of the largest number of subscribers in Instagram is regularly updated, so the first and second places often change among themselves.

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