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In almost all social. networks in your profile you will find a special page on which people who, according to Administration, you would like to add as friends. On Twitter – it’s “congenial,” on Facebook, “maybe you know.” There are analogues in Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte. Recently this appeared on Instagram, recommendations in this application now can be seen in two places, but it’s worth considering that the location is constantly changing for some reason by the developers.

A list of such people, firstly, can be found in parameters of your profile, namely, in the paragraph “Find friends. ”

How to find friends on Instagram

However, please note that under “recommended users” you You will find a little bit not what you are looking for. There will be a list of the most famous and popular people on Instagram, usually stars show business or instagramers who have a lot of subscribers and, accordingly, likes for publications.

Recommended Instagram Users

Familiar people should be looked for in the “Subscribe to users. “These are the people who’re popular middle followers. Also here you can notice your friends from Vkontakte, Facebook and even the phone’s address book, which are on Instagram, but which you are not following. To subscribe to recommended instagramers just click “subscribe” right here, you can not even go to their page.

Recommendations on Instagram

Where else can you see Instagram recommendations?

Another place where the application itself offers you interesting followers, is on the pages of your new friends. For instance, if you start following some kind of person by clicking on the button “sign” in his profile, you will immediately be offered three recommendations – three instagramra, to which, perhaps, you are so show your interest. Usually those who follow along with the one you just signed up for. And it looks like this.


Surely, this question arose for those people who want to have more subscribers in your favorite photo hosting. Clear answer to this the question is not, because the application itself chooses to show you to someone or not. However, I can definitely recommend connecting to Instagram all possible other social networks, then at least yours friends of them will see you in the recommendations. Other than that, just be more sociable with those already on your list subscriptions.

Some are also looking for how to remove recommendations. Unfortunately, they cannot be deleted. When will you sign up for a new followers, they will always be shown to you (unless, of course, developers do not remake the application). And in order not to see them in options when looking for friends, just don’t go there.

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