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In our time, Instagram registration should be everyone has it! How could it be otherwise: all friends around already have accounts in this social network and actively use them! If you have this matter while trouble, do not be discouraged, my dear readers, because with articles below, you can easily register with Instgaram with from your mobile device or from a computer, if not it turns out. In general, read, write, draw conclusions, repeat. If anything, ask questions in the comments.

Sign up for Instagram: three easy steps

So, let’s start with the theory. To register in Instagram, you need a phone or tablet based on such an OS, which would support the application. Unfortunately, otherwise execute registration you will not succeed. Of course, you can do this with computer, but for this you will need to download a special program, torment with its configuration and not the fact that zaregis in You can do Instagram like this. In general, if you do not have the right mobile device, lend it to a friend, I think he will not refuse you.

So, suppose you still found the phone. Now download official app and install it. It’s simple. Surely you already installed some kind of programs or toys, so, I think, and you will cope with this task.

1. Method selection

When you launch the application, you will see the login window, it usually very bright, consisting of many photos or just one noticeable, and may differ from the example that I give below. The application is fully Russified, so deal with Instagram registration procedure is not difficult. Especially since I’m about everything I’ll tell you.

How to register on Instagram

First, select the method with which you want register – via Facebook or via electronic mail. I advise you to choose the second, although in the first version to your An account on Instagram will immediately be linked to a Facebook profile. We’ll look at an example of how to register online. mail, so click the appropriate button.

If you already have a username and password, you can click “login”, and Log in to the program.

2. Enter registration data: nickname and password for the IG

In the window that appears, you need to enter the name you invented user (near the green man who should become green if your username is free) and password. If you wish, you can add a photo (you will be asked to choose it among the images profiles on Facebook or Twitter, you can also do it directly now, but you can generally postpone this action and complete it already by registering). You can write your phone number and name, be sure to enter the email at the very beginning, she you will need it if you forget your registration data.

Registration on Instagram

Filling all the necessary fields, you can click the treasured green button.

3. Just click yes!

Confirm the entered email address.

Sign up for Instagram

Congratulations, you signed up for Instagram (by the way, you can make from a computer). Now you can use the most A popular photo app around the world! Share your masterpieces with your friends and acquaintances.

Now you will be asked to find friends so that there is someone to follow. For example, on Vkontakte. You can refuse this action. Also The most popular accounts will be offered, Russian and overseas. If you wish, you can subscribe to it.

After registering on Instagram

And your Insta profile now looks something like this. Get started communication!

Profile after registration

Very important for those who register for the first time in Instagram and does not know how to do it

Please note that Instagram registration is a procedure free! In addition, in order to fulfill it, you do not need to send any sms! Be careful not to fall into your hands. scammers!

As you can see, “logging in to Insta”, as they like to say, is completely not difficult. By the way, this social network is also abbreviated as IG. But, I think, above you already guessed about it.

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