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With the introduction of the new Instagram policy rules, the community gradually removes old posts on major blogs. With similar the problem faced English-speaking and Russian-speaking bloggers.

New Instagram Advertising Bans

The implementation of new ones depends on the number of complaints and suggestions. rules on Instagram. For example, if users filed a complaint or wrote the idea of ​​banning any financial actions, collecting a sufficient number of signatures Instagram will consider the problem.

New bans on advertising on the social network have affected such areas business:

  • informal slimming cosmetics ads suppliers;
  • weight loss diet foods;
  • new restrictions on 18+ materials have been added;
  • publications where a user under 18 resorted to or advised plastic surgery.
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Moreover, old posts also fall under the new policy. If a blogger posted an ad listing similar products or services – his record will be deleted. When blocking more than three to five times (depending on the promotion being promoted) – account will be blocked. Users have already received alerts and some of the posts “older” a year or two have been deleted.

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Mass removal of posts from bloggers

The removal system is different from the previous one. submitted by Instagram and Facebook. In the previous update was shows the algorithm for deleting one or more records: social the network warns the user, and after that – removes publication.

How does blocking happen:

  1. The profile owner is posting a post that contains advertising.
  2. Instagram’s automated system calculates the ad product.
  3. The post is deleted, and the user receives an alert.

In the future, Facebook plans to release an update that will be associated with depressive photographs and application self injuries. Thus, the company protects the rights of others users and takes care of the psychological health of youth. At posting such posts, the owner will be asked to go to the hashtag #chatsafe.

What can’t be published now: comparison with the old requirements

Requirements for posting publications that called for weight loss, offended other users or caused negative reaction – there were even before the adoption of new rules. But despite serving requests for certain content to be deleted – at least ten complaints.

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What can’t be published now:

  • any calls for violence, even comments;
  • photos of wounds or injuries on your body;
  • medical product advertising;
  • any means for losing weight: dietary supplements are on the list;
  • advertising plastic surgery and similar services.

Psychologists-experts were involved in the work of the new algorithm, and also the Stanford Mental Health Foundation. Seeing a publication containing at least one of the items, the user can create a complaint. Photos or videos will be deleted, and the page owner will receive a thank you note from the official community.

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