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Mega popular online photoshop application still became available for the Android system. Rightfully this application instantly has taken a leading position on Google Play and is not planning stop here.

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What are the features of this photo editor? Why is it better than photoshop? It is these questions that arise for those users who have not yet tried Retrica on android but are at a loss than this software attracts youth. Application delays those owners who love to take pictures of themselves, and such in lately it has become very much.

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So, the retrica has over 40 effects that instantly edit photos according to the chosen style, without any hassle in the settings brightness, contrast and the like. Just a couple of clicks, and the photograph takes on a completely different look than the previous one. More juicy picture, moderately dark colors, improved palette of colors – the photo becomes an order of magnitude cooler.


Let me note that in addition to effects, there is such an interesting option like “collage creation”. If you want to take a photo multifaceted so that many of your photos are shifted into one – choose number of photos to connect in one, and start using this lotion. Another useful feature is the ability to share with friends in Twitter and Facebook. This is much more convenient than downloading to smartphone, look for it in a folder, and then upload it to your profile.

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Perhaps these are all the main functions that today has a retric. I am sure that the developers will not stay on achieved, and will upgrade their brainchild until This software will not be used by anyone related to photo shots.

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