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Still a young girl, Rihanna released her first Music of the Sun album at 17 years old and at 18 years old album – A Girl Like Me. Born in Barbados 20. 02. 1988, since childhood reached for music and achieved considerable success. Star time Rihanna arrived in 2007 when the Good Girl Gone Bad album there were as many as four super hits on an international scale. We have the most famous song Umbrella with one of the main rappers of the world – Jay-Z.

Then Rihanna repeatedly changed the style. In her work rock ballads, club dance hits, and stylizations appeared under the old stage. Unchanged remained hot tropical sexuality, a tendency to provocation and sharp advertising moves. Today Rihanna is known primarily as the “bad girl” show business, which allows everything. Although the younger generation in the face Miley Cyrus – Instagram @mileycyrus takes over with ease “bad manners.

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Rihanna’s personal life is like a roller coaster. A long romance with singer Chris Brown is a thriller with partings, beatings and courts, they diverged for several years, then converged again. IN at intervals Rihanna dated athletes Matt Kemp and J.R. Smith, however, she was still attracted to the “bad boy” Chris. The call of nature, what to do. After parting in 2013 about little is known to the couple’s fate, but why the hell is it not joking?

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It seems strange that Rihanna Instagram started a long time ago, but has just over a million subscribers, with her popularity. An explanation of the situation in the manner of Rihanna. “Bad girl” in May 2014 published on the page their candid photos of topless, breaking the rules of the service.

This story led to the fact that the administration of the service did not discounts even star and deleted Instagram Rihanna, link to the page @badgalriri now leads nowhere. The singer was forced to make A new account can be found at @rihanna.

Rihanna’s star style is luxury, eroticism, provocation. All this is on Instagram. Rihanna poses in revealing clothes (let and without tricks that destroyed her last page), shows her watches, stage clothes and new looks. She will become defiantly show the tongue or inflate a bubble from the chewing gum.

And the star’s blog has a lot of advertising. She promotes and jewelry products, and clothes, and cosmetics, and watches. Must understand stamp “Recommended by Rihanna” seriously adds to the brand image.

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