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Instagram layout or Flat Lay – type of content using which creates a tape in the same style. This term means items in the photo in a certain order.

What is Instagram layout

Photos layouts on Instagram are considered not only a separate type content, but also basic to themed pages. In the picture the photographer places objects in such a way that there is one central, the rest are optional. For example, a big fruit and small around.

Using a few basic rules, you can create an interesting and informative shot:

  • matte texture of objects. No glare that may Distract from inscriptions or other important elements;
  • bright lighting. Daylight preferably, without use additional light sources;
  • composition in one color scheme. The picture may be from one to three basic shades;
  • correctly selected background. Solid or repeating, dim pattern;
  • subjects that relate to one topic. For example, only appliances (headphones, phone, laptop) or food.

Layouts on Instagram exampleLayouts on Instagram example

The owner of the page should choose a topic, and after that – search suitable objects. These photos can be completely filled Tape or use to diversify your shots.

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Why do I need to lay out a photo

Beautiful layouts for Instagram attract attention subscribers become a platform for posting long descriptions. In commercial profiles, Flat Lay is used to present goods, showing benefits or a detailed analysis of properties.

Where layouts are used:

  • personal pages. Blogs where users often post their Photo;
  • advertising sites. Show product or product, attract Attention;
  • brands. Presentations and reviews;
  • travel profiles. Analysis of interesting items that were found on a trip.

Almost all accessible and small objects can become The basis of Flat Lay.

In addition to inanimate objects, there can be one person in the picture. But in in this case, the participant in the picture should not be the main one, but only to complement. For example, shooting from above without a face, an object placed on palm or person acts as a model.

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Layouts are of two types: commercial and personal. Between the first and the second kind there are slight differences: the way of presentation product, the number of items in the photo and the goal.

In personal, a person can participate, when in commercial – missing anyway. Commercial type shots taken just for presentation and often combined in a carousel. At first photos make the product show on the front side. If need detailed parsing – add pictures where the subject is shown from all angles, except bottom and top.

Commercial flat lay on InstagramCommercial flat lay on Instagram

Layouts for a personal profile can be with any henchmen materials, without demonstration of brands and names. Such pictures can only contain labels added through editors or written on paper.

How to make a beautiful layout yourself

The first thing a photographer needs is a background. It happen like specially prepared, and fabrics, windowsill and table.

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A few tips on how to place items correctly:

  • use one main. A bright object that stands out among the rest;
  • set the camera to square format. Thus, all are visible. empty areas and “empty” places;
  • small objects that complement the picture. Jewelry small flowers or office;
  • editing and contrast. Editors for light and shadows to select the outline;
  • geometric figures. Place objects so that they formed some form.

If the user picked up bright objects – the background should be dark, and the light is bright and saturated. Cloudy day will do or morning when the lighting does not require turning on the lamp. Using artificial sources – send to the side or top above the object. But in such a way that glare does not appear.

Instagram layouts are one of the options for content that Suitable for any page. Using improvised materials and items, you can create enticing ads or just make The tape on the social network is more interesting. Do not forget about the combination between the general style of publications and the added Flat Lay.

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