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With a beautiful font for Instagram, you can make original profile description, set name or write text for publication. Please note that not all characters are displayed in other users correctly.

Beautiful and unusual fonts for Instagram

To create a unique page description for users keyboards and services capable of editing text are proposed. Most fonts are in English and often not recognized by the system.

Therefore, they can not be used in nicknames and is not recommended Indicate in the header of the account.

How to change the font on Instagram:

  • Use the keyboards on Google Play and the AppStore;
  • Turn to third-party services;
  • copy the finished text.

Text editor for InstagramText editor for Instagram

For the description of the Instagram page, the statuses in English and Russian, with emoticons and system symbols. Write with such a font will not work – each character needs to be copied Separately or embed a phrase in the editor.

In addition to the font, they use emoticons that are not in the standard layout.

Interesting: in 2019 there will be new emoji available for Android and iOS users: animals, signs, people and plants.

An example of such a design: Kaomoji service, repeating characters that are used in Japan and Korea. Just copy one of the characters and paste into the description under photo or profile.

When editing personal information and posts maximum number of characters: up to 200 per profile description and up to 2000 under the photo. Characters, emoticons and fonts may occupy more than one letter.

Russian fonts

It is more difficult to find the Cyrillic alphabet, since most fonts are sharpened It is under the Latin layout. Find a beautiful font for Instagram in Russian letters can be in the service MessLetters, but the number of options available is limited.

Often, a Russian-speaking audience uses such options formatting:

  • bold font. To highlight the important in the text;
  • underlined and crossed out. To create an effect “deleted quotation”;
  • inclined. Notes, additional information.

In this case, the Telegram bot: Text4InstaBot will help. In his tasks includes formatting and changing the font for Instagram in Russian language.

Instructions on how to use the bot:

  1. Insert title in message line: Text4InstaBot.
  2. Go to chat and join.
  3. Copy the text that should be on Instagram and paste to bot messages. The work of the bot to change the text for InstagramThe work of the bot to change the text for Instagram
  4. Before a sentence with crossed out text, put three dashes in beginning and end. For underlined – put the bottom underline on both sides.
  5. If necessary, arrange paragraphs by pressing the key “Enter”.
  6. The edited text is copied and placed in social network.

Different fonts for Instagram service offers LingoJam, available in browser version. Before the user opens two windows where you can enter text and immediately get changed.

There are few options with the Cyrillic alphabet: emoticons, double underscores, system characters and extended indents.

Defining a phrase and changing it is easier than on other sites:

  1. Access LingoJam from a PC or phone.
  2. Enter the text in the left line. Sample text for InstagramSample text for Instagram
  3. Choose from the right any of the methods you like formatting.

To change the font in the Instagram description in this way, the profile owner must leave the received text on the clipboard. After – log in to the social network, click “Edit page “. Instead of the previously written text, insert a new one, or copy the one that was and transfer it to the font editor.

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English fonts

Catalog of beautiful fonts for Instagram in English letters offer applications: CoolFancy. From the same developers proposed a keyboard called FancyKey (where Russian layout is also available).

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In the first case, the fonts for Instagram in English can be copy from the input page. In the second, by downloading the keyboard, user can enter information without switching to other editing tools.

To use the Fancy Key and change the font on Instagram in description:

  1. Download and install the keyboard.
  2. In the settings menu, select it as standard: Settings – Enter – Fancy Key. Program for changing the font on InstagramProgram for changing the font on Instagram
  3. Go to Instagram – Edit profile. Example text from an application with Instagram fontsExample text from an application with Instagram fonts
  4. Start typing – Switch to others fonts.
  5. Choose one of the options, continue to enter text.
  6. Save changes.

The list of available options includes examples with letters in a circle, florid design, smaller font, underlines and strikeouts. With their help, you can decorate not only the description profile, but also make an unusual comment, title or signature under the photo.

Change the font on Instagram

In the application itself, changing the font will not work: for display characters affect smartphone settings. Function not available on a mobile device or a computer. Therefore users choose ways to edit personal information through services and programs.

The only method to change the font on Instagram from a computer – use third-party sites. Follow the links keep in mind safety: data about account (username and password).

Just enter the text and get the result, without sending directly to social network. How to change the font on Instagram in your profile:

  • through the computer version of sites;
  • through mobile applications.

In addition to these tools, in the Play Market and AppStore many other options are suggested. Vary in quantity available fonts, the presence of system characters and emoticons. Some of the applications require a paid subscription for receiving full catalog of editing functions.

Via computer

Various fonts for Instagram can be selected through a computer. The following services are intended for this: MessLetters and Textgenerator To change the font on Instagram in information, the user must log in to the account, using the web version.

Instructions on how to use MessLetters:

  1. Go to the site – Enter the text in the search bar on in English.
  2. Scroll through the list to select the appropriate option. Sample text for Instagram on MessLettersSample text for Instagram on MessLetters
  3. Go to Instagram Page – Edit profile.
  4. Paste the received text and save.

The disadvantage of the computer version is to check the display of characters impossible. It happens that the text on the PC looks correct, but after mobile device – replaced by system symbols. After editing the “Description” section or caption under the photo, You need to check the formatting on the smartphone.

Other instagram fonts that display correctly – underline, italics and bold.

Interesting: in 2013, tools were introduced for text editing. Instagram added September 25th even blue color. The main functions included: bold, underlined and blue. Them could be combined with each other. But on October 10, the functionality was redesigned and this possibility has disappeared.

To diversify the look and make it unique among other profiles, you can use Japanese emoticons. Logging on Kaomoji website, the user needs to select a category and copy characters. In contrast, the emoji used in this layout will be Visible on all types of devices.

The advantage is that to create one smiley use standard characters embedded in all operating systems (mobile and computer).

Via telephone

Applications released on mobile devices by type: Cool Text Generator, Stylish Text. Users can choose any of options and create the original design for your page.

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Instructions on how to change the font on Instagram in Information from phone:

  1. Download and install Cool Text Generator.
  2. Enter the text in the input line and get the result. Example application for Instagram fontsExample application for Instagram fonts
  3. Copy and install on Instagram page: Edit Profile – About Me.

It’s easier to use the previously indicated keyboard, where you can immediately enter text without switching to third-party programs. The disadvantage is that only English is available. User will be able to design the page by adding unusual emoticons or by selecting pre-cooked templates.

At the time of 2019, Instagram did not implement the writing function bold text. To highlight important fragments in the description, users are left with only applications and online services.

A similar script is in bold, on the Textgenerator website – Bold and Italic. Such fonts are also italicized.

How to write in bold on Instagram:

  1. Go to the specified site – select in the category Bold. An example of bold text on InstagramAn example of bold text on Instagram
  2. Enter English text – Highlight and copy.

If the profile description or photo caption was originally written in Latin letters, the owner of the page can copy and paste into editor. After the “Insert”, it is recommended to put spacebar to refresh page.

Instagram’s bold font is not available on any application. but underline and strikethrough is available. Using editing tools, the user will be able to decorate profile with funny descriptions and photo captions. Editing Sections through the phone, you can immediately check the display.

If any of the fonts does not appear or looks different than in the example, it means the mobile device does not support it. To fix the problem, you can download the package of additional fonts or update the operating system.

A common problem is when text written in iOS is not visible or closed by system signs on Android. Installing a beautiful font for Instagram, you need to check the external profile view from all available devices.

Free fonts for Instagram photos

In addition to the design for the text part, you can issue a photo or video in non-standard font. For example, make a “carousel” and insert notes. Or, take a picture and add the original text.

Fancy fonts are in applications and computer programs:

  • Snapseed List of Russian and English fonts;
  • Pics art. A small catalog of Russian styles.

For editing from a computer version, Photoshop is suitable. But simple options are available as standard. Additional and unusual need to be installed using files.

Download a large number of fonts for Instagram

How to install for Photoshop

To install a font for Photoshop, the user initially you need to download Photoshop itself. Available free and paid version that can be bought on the official website. Additional fonts must be in permissions: ttf and otf.

The way how to install additional materials.

  1. Download – open the download location.
  2. Double-click on the file – a window with installation will open.
  3. Install – open

When installing on a computer, the font will also be added to Photoshop But you can transfer the design through the function: “Open with help “and specify among the Photoshop drop-down list.

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