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Sasha Zvereva, better known as the former soloist of the famous Demo groups. The most famous song “The Sun” has become an unconditional hit. Holding his position for several years , this song entered the new millennium with us, becoming popular back in 1999.

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Unfortunately, the success of the Demo group was short-term. Cutting decline in popularity was associated with a lack of quality music material, increased listener requirements for music in general and with sharply increased competition from young performers such like Sasha Spielberg – Instagram @sashaspilberg. In 2011, Sasha Zvereva left the group and took up a solo career, but later focused on family life and the work of a TV presenter. Now she lives in a happy marriage with Russian DJ Bobina and brings up two children. By logging in to Sasha Zvereva’s Instagram, you can find out how busy moms are busy.

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Zvereva soloist of the Demo group

Alexandra Zvereva

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Sasha Zvereva

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