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You can save Instagram History to your computer using plugins and programs. Mobile feature available screenshot.

How to keep your or another person’s History

You can save Storis on Instagram through a standard screenshot – unlike Yandex.Direct, the account owner is not notified will do.

There are other ways to download a photo or video:

  • Install browser plugins or extensions
  • use applications from the Play Market or AppStore;
  • third-party services: sites for downloading photos and videos.

Save video from Storis on Instagram is possible through recording screen. This method is suitable if the page where you want to download – closed. ScreenRecorder and Mobizen The user has to cut off unnecessary parts, hide nickname through the settings of video editors and add videos to your History is not recommended.

You cannot post other people’s photos and videos on your page. IN Instagram has a copyright rule, so create material may report a different profile. After which, it follows blocking the account of the person who copied and hosted other people’s photos or videos.

On iphone

On mobile devices, keys are located on the side of the case to create screenshots. With their help, you can save someone else’s History on Instagram to the phone. For video – only third-party applications with screen recording.

How to make a screen on iOS:

  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Select someone else’s Stories in the Feed.
  3. Run – hold down the buttons: “Home” and Off.
  4. Wait until the screen displays: “Screenshot created. ”

Materials are stored in Camera Roll, from where they can be edited or send to friends. Creating a screenshot of a photo in Yandex.Direct, the sender will receive a notification. This applies to temporary snapshots, which disappear immediately after opening the message.

To copy video – download and install the DU application Recorder. Its functions include screen capture in “real time. ”

How to record and save video from someone else’s Storis from iPhone:

  1. Download and install the app from the App Store.
  2. Open – specify parameters: “Name” and recording quality.
  3. Minimize – go to Instagram.
  4. Open History – go to the “Panel management. ”
  5. Select: “Screen Record” – specify the application: “Du Recorder”.
  6. Start shooting.

-> Изменение категории в Инстаграм

The media file will be saved in Camera Roll, as will photos. The disadvantage is that the recording starts with the “Control Panel” and application power buttons, because of which you have to crop the beginning video clip.

On Android

On Android mobile devices also available Create screenshots. In addition, there is a function to download your Stories after publishing or moving to the Archive.

The ability to save a photo from Storis Instagram is not affected by the type account (private, personal or business) and settings for moving files to the gallery.

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Instructions on how to save your photos and videos after posting to Stories:

  1. Go to Instagram – click “My page”.
  2. By clicking on the avatar, go to the list of already published temporary records. Download Storys on InstagramDownload Storys on Instagram
  3. The Download icon will appear above the History – choose it.
  4. Wait for the download to finish.

You won’t have to download your photos and videos from Storys again if the owner of the page indicated automatic saving to the Gallery:

  1. Open Storis – gear icon from above. Instagram Story SettingsInstagram Story Settings
  2. Saving – To Gallery and Archive. Save to the Instagram Story GallerySave to the Instagram Story Gallery
  3. Exit the section.

After posting, Instagram will create a copy of the photo or video that were published in History.

Browser Plugins

To quickly download materials from Storis Instagram on computer, you need to install extensions from Opera, Chrome stores or firefox.

Among them are:

  • save someone else’s Storis. View IGTV, direct Broadcast
  • mobile versions. Advanced mobile format without switching to “View Code”;
  • separate services and sites for copying photos from the Ribbon and The story.

An example of the service for Google Chrome:

  1. Go to the browser – click the three dots in the upper panel.
  2. Additional tools – Extensions. IG Downlander for InstagramIG Downlander for Instagram
  3. Chrome Store – plugin: “IG DownLoader”.
  4. Click: “Receive” – ​​wait for the end installation.
  5. Confirm installation – go to Instagram.
  6. A list of “History” will appear on the side – click on the selected one.
  7. Top icon in the form of a “cloud” – Download.

The extension will ask you to choose a file storage location. So it is possible Download photos and videos without using third-party sites. Plugin works in the background in the browser: you can turn it off or remove if necessary.

Phone apps

Applications for saving to mobile devices are provided Storys of another person and publish it without copyright. This includes tools for reposting and working with saving photos and videos.

-> Инстаграм просмотр фото без регистрации

How to save Instagram History in profile:

  1. Open Play Market or App Store.
  2. Enter in the search: “Story Saver for Instagram”.
  3. Download and install – open. Choose Stories Instagram StrangersChoose Stories Instagram Strangers
  4. Log in: Log in via Instagram or Facebook.
  5. On the main page, select the profile where you want to copy material. Download Instagram StoriesDownload Instagram Stories
  6. Go – specify a photo or video from the list.
  7. Top icon: Download or Make repost. ” Download and repost for InstagramDownload and repost for Instagram
  8. Confirm action.

Another way to save someone else’s Stories: use third-party sites. Unlike applications, the user does not need to download tool. Just go through the browser and paste link.

How to download photos and videos from Stories:

  1. Go to Storis – next to the column “Answer” pick three points.
  2. Copy link – open a browser. Copy link on Instagram from StorysCopy link on Instagram from Storys
  3. Go to – insert a link.
  4. Download received photos and videos.

Save Instagram History to PC or Phone possible, both through applications and plugins. Difference of ways in the quality of the material received, further placement in his profile. Using reposts, the user will receive a photo and video, as well as be able to post on his signature the author.

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