Search for people on Instagram on a computer


There have been further improvements to the web version of Instagram, which is much simplified the process of finding photos and people from the computer. If you use your computer or laptop for Instagram, then the new improvement will pleasantly surprise you. We will show you how easy and simple Use the new Instagram feature. Instagram search on a computer

Search people by name and hashtags on Instagram

It is worth noting that the browser version of Instagram was not updated. for several years now, and few have used it. Now now You can conveniently use Instagram through a computer browser.

Search for people on Instagram by location

Thanks to the new Instagram update, now you can search photos by hashtags, various places and by Names of people on Instagram.

Search Instagram – how to use it?

To use the Intagram search function in browser, you just need to log in to Instagram on your page, log in and enter a hashtag or name in the search bar user.

Search Instagram people without registration

In addition to updating the web version, applications have recently been updated. Instagram, in the AppStore and Google Play app stores. Mobile apps also got updated “Search”, and categories such as: “Popular places” and “People”. Such a function will be useful if you want to find good ones. Photo.

The company also noted that is just addition to the Instagram mobile application, in connection with which, next update to the web version of Instagram, expect in the near future time is not worth it.

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