Search for people through Instagram


Want to find someone and follow? Or just see photos of a longtime buddy? People search through Instagram completely different about what you saw on other resources. All just if you are friends with the right user Vkontakte or Facebook. If he tied his profile to these social. networks, you will see it in the options in the “subscribe to users. “There you will find people from your phone contacts.

People Search through Instagram

If the necessary user is not in these sections, then all It’s more complicated. Go to the people search tab on Instagram. She is second on the right and is a magnifier (see easy). Select “users” above, because You are going to look for them, not a photo. You will be shown recommendations – those on whom, according to the application, you should subscribe. Most likely there will be stars and your friends from others social networks.

People Search through Instagram

At the top is the search bar. You can enter either nick (if you suddenly know), or a name, which, incidentally, is a person fills himself (read – from the bulldozer), so it’s not at all a fact that there there will be a surname, and not some kind of krakozyabry. For example, Kat There were quite a few Ivanovs.

People Search through Instagram

If you are looking for Katya Ivanova, you may be lucky. But if Erofei Zadryupin, it’s unlikely— The conclusions are simple: if you want someone found on Instagram, you need to know his nickname first or foremost assume that he will write in the item “name” when filling in the data your profile. Good luck

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