Search Instagram stories by location


Recently, Instagram has a feature for viewing stories taken next to you. You can see stories from your city (district) on the tab with a magnifying glass. But that’s not all! Can watch Stories filmed generally anywhere in the world! How to find them?

Go to the search tab with a magnifying glass. Enter in the search bar the place you need (possibly in English), further from the proposed options, choose the appropriate one. Do not forget to search by location, but if we forget, the application is smart, it’s you will understand.

Search stories by location

After choosing a place (institution, city, district, etc.) we get to a page showing all the publications made there. But where is stories? Take a look at the screenshot below. If you click on this circle in red stroke, you will fall into them.

Search stories by location

Now you can watch stories taken by people nearby the place you were looking for, or right there.

Search stories by location

So easily and simply you can follow the life of various cities almost in real time. I really liked the new feature, and I, Of course, I will use it.

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