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How to search on instagram by name and hashtags

Instagram is becoming more popular every minute. At this Instagram has already overtaken Twitter in terms of the number of users, the audience of the service is already more than 300 million users who each upload a huge amount of photos. in such an array of information, finding the right one is impossible without convenient search tools. And they are on Instagram – and in this article we We’ll tell you how to use them.

There are three main ways to find something interesting on Instagram. Firstly, on Instagram, people can be searched by nickname. Secondly, you can use hashtags to search for photos on a specific theme or genre. Thirdly, there are geotags that used to search Instagram photos for the place where they are were made – but this search method has not yet been implemented too conveniently (we will explain why below).

Ways to find people and photos on Instagram

1) Search by name (nickname) on Instagram.

how to look for a person on instagram Everything is extremely simple here. You just click on the star icon that’s located on the left side of the main application menu. At the top of the screen – a search string where you just have to enter your username. If you don’t know the exact name of the account you’re looking for, it’s okay, the service will offer you options containing the text you entered. Just select from the list.

2) Search by hashtags

search for photos on instagram

What are the hashtags on Instagram, how to use them, and for what they are needed for – we spoke in detail in a separate material. However, just in case, we briefly recall what we are talking about. Hashtag Is a label in the form of text starting with the symbol #.

Such Instagram text (and other social networks – for example, Twitter or Facebook) automatically recognizes as a tag, and searches Pictures tagged by him. You can simply click on the hashtag where you they saw him – he is an active link. Or you can enter starting with the character # text in the same search line through which we were looking for accounts – Instagram will again offer you a choice:

how to find people on instagram

3) Search by geotag

search on instagram

By sending an Instagram photo, you can indicate the place where it is was taken – the photo is marked with the so-called geotag. Like this done – described in a large Instagram manual.

Unfortunately, there’s no convenient search for geotags in Instagram right now – therefore, users duplicate them with regular hashtags. But there are two ways out of the situation. Firstly, clicking on the installed geotag still opens the photo card, which shows the shot nearby snapshots:

people search on instagram

That’s all, good luck in your search)

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