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Giva, lighttime, SFS – all these activities are related to page promotion, small business. Choosing options for how to do contest on Instagram, the page owner should familiarize themselves with each item separately. Thus, the most acceptable format that matches the profile topic.

What are the contests in social networks

Popular pages often hold promotions, sweepstakes and contests that increase profile attendance, loyalty customers and brand trust. Same events bloggers and small business owners.

Contests for Instagram:

  • Give Away (Giva). The tasks of the participants include: subscribe to all sponsors, like, mark several friends and wait for the results;
  • Sfs. The participants are tasked with: marking the blogger page or brand in your publications. Additionally indicate several lines or repost, put a label. At the end, the creator publishes photographs and links of those who I liked it;
  • Like + Hashtag + Tag friend. This format is carried out most often. large organizations, companies. A separate hashtag is created, with by which winners will be selected. It’s important to think about the goal, winners selection system and prize.

SFS on InstagramSFS on Instagram

The account holder can carry out any of the proposed options based on the number of participants, target audience, topics profile and availability of sponsors.

How to hold a competition

Large companies or organizations create separate profiles for holding draws. This is necessary so as not to “clog” The main comments and messages from the participants. In description main account leave a link to the competition.

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If the draw is not large – you can spend in your personal account Instagram:

  1. Topic. Before conducting a contest, you need to decide on subjects and tasks: publication of photos indicating sponsors, text messages. Topics: holiday, discounts or promotions, Day the birth of the company, the “round” number of subscribers.
  2. Additional terms. For example, indicate three friends in comments, like the last twenty posts, subscribe to all sponsors.
  3. Dates. Depending on the scale of the event, user must select the time and date of announcement winners.
  4. Competition advertisement. For PR, you can invite bloggers or other popular users. For such a service will either pay according to the set price, or advertised products.
  5. A platform for the announcement of the list of winners. With introduction streaming for Instagram, you can report the winners in the mode online. It remains to choose the criteria by which prize money will be issued places.

-> Максимальная длительность Историй в Инстаграме

Instagram example contestInstagram example contest

In order not to lose all the participants from the list, you can enter in Google spreadsheet and leave the link in the profile header. To report winners by number on the list.

Recommendations and Tips

What is the best way to make a contest on Instagram: offer creative an idea where participants will have to be creative. Suitable for pages where advertising is not so important, but the participation of subscribers. For advancements will suit the Gives, but in them, in the case you need to choose prize.

The gift should be a niche segment that attracts attention specifically to the brand. Conduct draws on mobile phones, devices and gifts of a general type are irrational. An example of gifts from InstagramAn example of gifts from Instagram

Subscribers will receive a prize and unsubscribe from such a profile. Examples Giviv: for a beauty salon – a raffle on exclusive procedures, for clothing and cosmetics stores – sets indicating the website address or links to the profile on Instagram (the function will help “Business card”).

There is no clear plan on how to make a contest on Instagram. Each draw is a creative idea where the organizer must remember about responsibility to the audience.

If the broadcast to determine the winners will not be held on time – it is worth reporting technical problems or other objective issues. But be sure to spend the next day, warn subscribers in advance.

-> Удаление рекламы из Инстаграма

Bans and locks on competitions

With the introduction of new rules at the end of 2019, users are more cannot arrange Give Away and other subscription contests. Instagram blocks mentions of such events and translates profile in the “shadow ban.” The only way that Welcomed as an advertisement – paid promotions.

What to do to not get into the ban:

  • embed characters in words to hide the main meaning. For example, instead of: “competition” write “k0knkyps”. In this case the search robot will not be able to evaluate the publication;
  • hold contests in private accounts. Such accounts not displayed in the TOP and without a shadow ban;
  • mark sponsors in the publication. With the option: “Branded content” in the settings, you can specify a list reliable sponsors. Turning to editing a post – mark desired pages above, next to “Place”;
  • remove early giv and contest entries for subscription. ”

Instagram can block, even if the publication was posted more than a year ago and is still in profile. Therefore, before launching an official promotion or a new competition – clean account from unnecessary posts or hide in the “Archive”. On the shadow ban also affects the number of complaints that were sent by other users.

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