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Section “Saved” on Instagram is designed to save photos and videos that the user wants to return to again. A similar function is implemented in the social network Vkontakte, where for Photos have a separate album.

Что такое “Saved on Instagram”

Thanks to the Saved section, the user will be able to postpone Pictures that interest him in a separate Instagram folder. Going over again, he will fall for the same publication. Exceptions make deleted photos and videos, as well as changes to privacy of other accounts.

You can postpone any publication: both IGTV and posts from personal pages. Under the record is a special icon in the form of a flag. With it, add new content to the collection or general album.

Where is the “Saved” on Instagram:

  1. Open Instagram – log in. FROM охраненное в ИнстаграмеСохраненное в Инстаграме
  2. Side menu – Saved.

The same is available from the computer version. Going to your profile, need to turn over from the main section “Tape” Right – Saved. You can add new publications to the section, both from a computer and from a smartphone. From the additional settings – the entry from the “Saved” can be deleted by clicking on the icon again checkbox.

IGTV is harder: the video will be added to your personal channel, from where the page owner can see it again.

Why you need “Saved” on Instagram: to find faster interesting photos, return to publications, without copying links. That is, if a user liked a photo, he may return to it again. Also, the section helps not to lose important materials.

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How to add to Saved

Under each entry is a “flag” by clicking on which, a message appears at the bottom: “Publish added to saved” and collection thumbnail. If the user has not selected the album in which wants to add, the system will automatically send to the general.

How to save the publication:

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  1. Go to the record of interest.
  2. Click on the “flag” below. Add to Saved InstagramAdd to Saved Instagram
  3. Wait for the add message to appear. publication.

To view, you must again go to the section in the side menu. Records posted by album are available by clicking on the thumbnail. Also, a list of all previously downloaded will appear.

The reasons why the picture or video may be missing, though were added:

  • user accidentally closed the application when adding or moved to another section of Instagram;
  • the owner of the page where the post was posted, set privacy settings;
  • Photos or videos have been deleted.

Saved to Instagram on a computerSaved to Instagram on a computer

It is impossible to restore such a publication using the plugin on Google Chrome browser on PC, it can be downloaded. Enough install the extension: “Download from Instagram”, go from the computer to “Saved” and click on the button “Download”.

How to create a collection

To make an album of photos, go to corresponding section: “Saved” from a smartphone. From above the “+” button is located, where you can specify title, add sources and confirm the creation of a new album. If the “Sources” section did not appear records – you can skip this step. Then, the page will appear empty folder. Make a selection on InstagramMake a selection on Instagram

You can also add a new album by saving one images:

  1. Click on the “check box” – in the message that appears Note: Save to collection.
  2. A list of available albums and an icon will appear: “+” on top. Create a collection for InstagramCreate a collection for Instagram
  3. Create a new collection by typing the name.

Now, this snapshot will be the first one added to the album. At further adding entries, the user will be able to mark it and create a new list.

By marking the entries as “saved,” the owner of another account does not will see notifications. But in the statistics section, how many users saved the record. Access to personal sets is Only the owner of the profile.

Can I delete or edit a collection

If the album is not needed or irrelevant, the user can edit it or delete. To remove one entry – click by the checkmark icon again. Only added can be changed collections – the general cannot be edited or deleted.

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How to change the description or delete:

  1. Go to the selected album.
  2. Three dots on top – Edit a selection. Settings in a saved InstagramSettings in a saved Instagram
  3. Manage – Delete. if (typeof jsInputerLaunch === 'undefined') {var jsInputerLaunch = 15;} else {jsInputerLaunch = 15;} if (typeof launchAsyncFunctionLauncher === "undefined") { function launchAsyncFunctionLauncher() { if (typeof asyncFunctionLauncher !== "undefined" && typeof asyncFunctionLauncher === "function") { asyncFunctionLauncher(); } else { setTimeout(function () { launchAsyncFunctionLauncher(); }, 100) } } } launchAsyncFunctionLauncher();
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