Shadow ban on Instagram: how to check and exit out of him


Shadow ban on Instagram

Updated – January 21, 2020

Shadow ban on Instagram – temporary blocking showing publications to users who are not subscribed to your account

A sharp decrease in coverage is the main sign of a shadow ban. Usually Hashtag impressions are down.

How to check the shadow ban on InstagramHow to check the shadow ban on Instagram

Many times I came across a similar phenomenon, so I prepared list of recommendations to help get out of the shadow ban.

But first you need to check if your account is valid got under lock.

How to check your account for a shadow ban

Key features:

  • The coverage of publications has fallen sharply;
  • The number of likes has decreased several times;
  • Publications are not displayed on low-frequency hashtags (up to 50 000 publications).

These signs are enough to determine – is there a shadow ban on Instagram.

A simple way to check:

  1. Publish a post with a low-frequency hashtag.
  2. Follow the hashtag from another account (or ask to do this is familiar).
  3. Click the Recent tab.
  4. Try to find your post with a hashtag.

If you didn’t find the publication, then most likely you have come under the shadow ban on Instagram.

Why most likely? Sometimes a publication with a hashtag is shown not all users (for example, three out of ten).

In this case, the place to be is not a shadow ban – but a decrease involvement. In simple words, uninteresting is published content

Try increasing your reach with the 3 main recommendations (see in the article).

If you haven’t found a publication on any of at least five accounts, then the probability of blocking is 99%.

How to get out of the shadow ban on Instagram

Duration of a shadow ban: from 2 days to one month.

To minimize blocking time:

  1. Pause any auto promotion.

This applies to services that promote accounts with massfollowing, masslayking, masslooking, etc.

I have already said that some of these methods are not only not beneficial, but also detrimental to your progress (like time also).

It is best to promote Instagram yourself, without participation any services (see the article).

At least temporarily untie your accounts from similar sites (until exit from the ban). It is because of them that many fall under blocking.

  1. Do not show within 2 days activity.

Do not post records and stories, do not like, do not respond on comments and posts.

As my personal experience has shown, lull is the best way to take shadow ban on Instagram. In a couple of days, everything will stabilize.

If it doesn’t help, move on.

  1. Remove hashtags from recent posts.

One of the accounts left the shadow ban the day after how I removed hashtags in the last 10 posts.

I did nothing more. Maybe a coincidence, but try worth it.

  1. Post multiple posts without hashtags.

Add two entries without hashtags. Publish one in a day record with hashtags.

If the publication is searched by hashtags, then the account is out of blocking.

A week has passed, but the account is still in the bath. What to do?

Post 2 days of recording without hashtags, then 1 day with hashtags. Until publications begin to be searched by hashtags.

It is this system that helps to get out of the shadow ban on Instagram fastest.

To avoid further problems, study articles:

  • What is prohibited on Instagram (8 things for which you can get ban)
  • The action is blocked (solution to a frequent error problem);
  • Forbidden hashtags (a list of hashtags that are better not set);
  • How to set hashtags (rules and recommendations for adding hashtags);
  • Limits and restrictions on Instagram (current limits and why can get a ban);
  • How much per day you can subscribe (subscription limits);
  • How many likes per day can be set (like limits);
  • How to get into the top hashtag (recommendations that will help display publication in TOP);
  • What to do if an account is lost (2 reasons why profile could be deleted).

Video lesson on the topic: shadow ban on Instagram (how to check and get out of it).

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