Someone created an account on Instagram from mine Name: What to do?


How to remove the impostor on InstagramLately Instagram is being updated more and more. And all the innovations are aimed at improve communication. For example, more recently there was an opportunity complain about unwanted profiles, those that violate the rules social network. You can report not only about the profile, which distributes prohibited materials, but about impostors. So that, if someone registered on Instagram from your name, don’t panic: a page that you don’t belongs, can be deleted.

As written in the official help from Instagram, developers applications take security and comfort very seriously communication in their brainchild. Therefore, if someone, your friend or, conversely, foe, impersonating you, you can complain about him. Make it is possible here.

Of course, you will have to fill out some information, but this easy: just answer the questions asked. The most important thing – do not forget to make a copy of the certificate that confirms your identity – passports, in short. A copy of it (passport can scan or just take a picture) you have to attach to your appeal on Instagram about the impostor. If loading pictures are having problems with the phone, try to do it with computer – you will definitely succeed. Good luck

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