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Statuses under the photo is a description that is used in social Instagram network. Added when the picture is published, after editing. The statuses under the photo on Instagram relate to holidays, express emotions, add information image.

Winter statuses

Winter statuses for Instagram will approach the celebration of the New year, christmas, last snowy days. Quotes and expressions for Photos can be taken from movies and TV shows.

For example, to design a picture with snow, the quote is suitable: “I love it when the snow falls in flakes that look like cotton candy. I want to enjoy this moment forever. ”

The list of popular statuses for Instagram photos includes aphorisms and jokes: “When parking in a snowdrift, you need to make sure that he’s not busy with anyone “or” I congratulate you on the constant minus on the thermometer. Freeze to health. Your winter. ”

Beautiful status on Instagram for a photo: “Snowflakes are New Year’s stars that come down to us from heaven. ”

List of quotes for winter:

  • Winter is such a time of year when you want to wrap yourself in a blanket, hug your loved one and drink hot tea;
  • Even in winter, burning hearts do not freeze;
  • It doesn’t matter if winter is outside the window, whether it has covered the road, the main thing is to the soul is still spring;
  • Colds began: the hand freezes to the mouse.

And many other statuses that are suitable for photos and descriptions in “Edit Profile”. Quotes can write in English or choose the original font to decorate comments under the post.

Spring statuses

Spring is considered a time of love and first heat. On photos snowdrifts disappear, voluminous jackets and fur coats are hidden in cabinets.

An original way to sign a photo – status in Instagram in English. Examples:

  • Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”. (In the spring nature tells us: “Let’s have fun”);
  • Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush. (In the spring I want to whistle a cheerful melody, even in through wet shoes);
  • No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. (It doesn’t matter how long the winter lasted, the main thing is that spring is necessary will come).

Shrovetide, International, is also celebrated at this time of year. Women’s Day, May 9th. Cool statuses on Instagram:

  • Spring again, again flowers and dreams come true again;
  • Snow is melting, drops are ringing, hearts are blooming;
  • Spring is a revolution in the seasons.

Such phrases can decorate photos with flowers, nature. Holiday greetings are selected separately, in accordance with selected topics.

Summer statuses

The most active time for bloggers and lovers of beautiful photos is summer. On Instagram, there are pictures from the rest, parties and travel.

Of the signatures, jokes and funny phrases are popular: “In the summer, the brain a person enters a strange mode: the part responsible for the work, off or ripe raspberries, green grass, the smell of the sea – for which we love the hot season. ”

Funny quotes about heat, status about food on Instagram:

  • Soon the time will come when everyone will catch buzzing mosquitoes at night with a slipper in his hand;
  • We exchange hot borsch for cold okroshka;
  • Summer is the time when you don’t do things due to excessive heat what I didn’t do in the winter because of the wild cold.

Quotes and statuses are divided by month: “In June, always ask question: is it poplar fluff or dandelions flew? “, “Last month of summer – we walk until morning.” Descriptions dedicate to new events that occurred during the hot period.

Autumn statuses

Autumn is overwhelming, but there’s still “Indian summer” ahead, yellowed leaves, a new academic and working year. Users social networks complain about the first frosts: “And again came days when it’s warmer under the covers than outside. ”

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There are those who like yellow foliage and bright colors: “Autumn – this is coffee with cinnamon, multi-colored maple leaves similar to children’s drawings, buns with a delicate smell of vanilla and unobtrusive the smell of smoke”.

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Cool statuses for autumn shots:

  • In the fall you need to pump up a lot of cool music, dress warmer and walk in the park under an umbrella;
  • Summer turned out to be hot, rainy autumn suddenly came: everything, what has not burned will sink;
  • In the autumn, loneliness is somehow especially felt.

This season is dedicated to texts about love and separation. Short autumn statuses:

  • Autumn is the time for warmth and hugging;
  • Snot, cough, also fell in love. Don’t know coldrex will help?
  • While the tan lasts – I have summer.

Autumn statuses speak of the approaching winter: “Behind the yellow foliage followed by Coca-Cola advertising, snowflakes and gifts. ” You can diversify Instagram feed with new photos with fallen leaves, bright sunset and pictures in the home setting. Photographers use warm colors, adding to the pictures plaids, cups with cocoa and books.

Statuses about yourself

Quotes can be used in the profile description. Editing page descriptions are available from the computer and mobile versions social network. By going to the account, the account owner must Click “Edit Profile.”

The status can be inserted into the “Description” or “Name, surname”.

Statuses about yourself on Instagram with the meaning can be:

  • positive. To reflect the attitude to the life of the owner of the profile;
  • philosophical. Quotes and aphorisms of great people;
  • short. Just a couple of phrases you can tell about yourself;
  • sarcastic and prickly.

Example status for your page or for description under photo: “I am not an artist, but I paint my life with bright colors. I not a writer, but I’m writing my life story. “Example status in Instagram about myself for a girl: “I’m smart, although I don’t look like”, “Character is one of the most important components of beauty.”

Such phrases are often placed from a selfie or photo, where the owner one account is hosted. For photographs where several person, love and friendship statuses will do. From quotes from great people, To describe a personal picture, it’s suitable: “Be yourself, other roles are already taken. ”

Fun Statuses

Positive statuses, funny stories and folk wisdom – great option for entertaining visitors and subscribers. If the profile is open, everyone will see the used quote when they passed to the page. Instagram policy prohibits obscene language in comments, descriptions under the photos.

Funny statuses under the photo on Instagram to yourself:

  • Firstly – I am good, secondly – look at the first paragraph;
  • I say that I think, therefore I am often silent;
  • As a child I was dropped into syrup, so I’m so sweet.

Of the funniest quotes also fit:

  • I can’t go to Hell – the devils cannot stand it;
  • Spent all the money on shopping and left a little. To her husband valerian;
  • I am happiness. And I decide who to make happy.

As fun statuses, you can use collections from old jokes. The maximum number of characters to describe under photography – 2000 with spaces. You can continue the story in comments, leaving an arrow or any other pointer.

To make the status brighter, you need to use the appropriate emoticons. We must not forget about the image: for a fun description a sad photograph will not do. Instagram prohibits using other people’s photos, but in a private profile you can post a picture with fun subtext.

Sad statuses

The status under the photo on Instagram about life is suitable for those who prefers sad photos. This is often a black and white filter. or muted shades. Under such images you can write about personal experiences, indicate a short expression or insert philosophical quote.

Examples of such quotes:

  • The worst of loneliness can only be betrayal;
  • Time does not heal: you just get used to the pain;
  • It’s easier to say that “everything is fine” than to explain why badly.

Most expressions are related to love experiences, breakup and relationship. No less than short statuses in Instagram about yourself with sad notes:

  • The wider you open your arms, the easier it is to crucify you;
  • A man is eloquent with a little sadness. With serious sadness – You can’t find words;
  • It is painful to collect the shards of dreams on broken glass.

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Such quotes are rarely put in the page description or written under a photograph. Suitable for sad and depressing profiles, as well as rare expression of emotions. Using statuses you can tell to friends and acquaintances about their current mood, ask support.

For visitors and subscribers, such quotes may not be clear. Depending on the selected quote, it may cause vague emotions of others.

Statuses about love

Both joyful and sad expressions are dedicated to love, and aphorisms. Statuses about love on Instagram are suitable for pictures where lovers are depicted. Become an addition to the photos, dedicated to February 14th.

Examples of quotes about love:

  • The extinct fire of love is made from coal;
  • Love is a wonderful feeling that can revive desire live;
  • There are no problems that could not be solved by love.

There are also sad expressions about non-reciprocal feelings. or parting:

  • It’s amazing how in a couple of seconds the one who was everything became by no one;
  • Love is a game. He said “love” and lost;
  • I would like to tell you how I feel and how much I miss. But it is not in your interests.

By selecting the appropriate status under the photo on Instagram, you can add a romantic image.

To copy and paste a phrase from a mobile device:

  1. Open the site with a browser version. Copy Instagram quote textCopy Instagram quote text
  2. Click on the beginning of the phrase – context menu “Copy”.
  3. Return to Instagram – click on an empty field “Description”. Insert a quote on InstagramInsert a quote on Instagram
  4. Paste – post the publication.

Note: you can copy text from Instagram only through post editing menu or computer version of the site. Also third-party applications will help, with the ability to repost and copy text.

Statuses for the holidays

Another way to decorate a photo is to use holiday quotes. They are suitable for different events: starting from the birthday and ending with merry christmas, happy new year. Description can be decorated appropriate emoticons or use non-standard font.

Which text descriptions are suitable:

  • The best part of the holiday is stories about how it went;
  • Christmas Celebration – Farewell to Illusions and Meeting with hopes;
  • When you grow up, there are fewer holidays;
  • Birthday is the holiday you want to spend simultaneously with everyone, and in solitude;
  • Attend events more: time is always sad and sad there is;
  • We love birthdays in childhood, when age consists of one numbers;
  • Spring holidays are some of the memorable ones, like the beginning of the year and all living things;
  • Autumn events are as colorful as the time itself;
  • In summer, you need to celebrate what you remember in winter;
  • Winter holidays should be celebrated with family: beloved people and warm conversations.

For pranksters

Having shared a photo from a party or vacation with friends, you need come up with an original signature. Funny and funny descriptions are that suits bright and interesting pictures.

  • Together we are power: good and fun;
  • If you can’t remember the party, friends are always remind you;
  • Level of English: I understand what happens in intonation;
  • My friends and I don’t need alcohol to be intoxicated youth;
  • A good party is one you don’t want to leave;
  • The most emotional thing in friendly gatherings is to wash the dishes together, when the rest went home;
  • Flutter like a butterfly, fall like a piano;
  • Fun should be regular, not on holidays;
  • We love to relax, laugh and dream;
  • Remember your friends as they are now;
  • It is impossible to watch a movie with friends and not comment.

Adding a quote, you can mark friends through the button: “Tag” or use the symbol: “@” and the user’s nickname. Noting in Instagram of a person who is already in the list of friends, system displays prompts. It is necessary in order not to enter a nickname completely.

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