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There are separate requirements for each type of Instagram post and regulations. For example, how many seconds Storys lasts on Instagram. determine by posting files or by reading our article.

How many seconds does Storis last on Instagram

The duration of Storis in Intagram is no more than 15 seconds per one publication. But there are no restrictions on the number of posts posted. That is, a user can publish from one to hundreds of stories in a day.

Standard time is provided for photographs. During Viewers can stop the show by holding their finger on the screen. Long videos from the Gallery will be divided into several parts of 15 seconds.

Other options for videos on Instagram:

  • video in the tape – 59 seconds;
  • IGTV – from 15 seconds to 10 minutes, verified pages – to 60 minutes
  • Stories – up to 15 seconds.

By posting a long video, editing will appear miniatures with chopped parts. They can be deleted by clicking on the icon. in the form of a basket.

How to increase the length of the video and bypass the restriction

You can bypass the video length limit on Instagram Storis. in such ways:

  • make a link in the Stories to the video published in Tape;
  • Using the URL on IGTV;
  • place multiple parts of one clip.

In the first case, the owner of the page posts in the Feed and with using: “Share in History” – sends a thumbnail and link to Stories By clicking on the post icon, the viewer will automatically redirected to a photo or video.

How to make a link in Storis:

-> igtv в Инстаграм: как сделать, добавить или скачать

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  1. Open Instagram – log in.
  2. Go to publications – click on the paper button airplane.
  3. Share – Submit to my Story. Send file to Storys InstagramSend file to Storys Instagram
  4. Place thumbnail, add stickers. Add a post to your Instagram StoryAdd a post to your Instagram Story
  5. Publish.

By clicking, the visitor will be asked to proceed to publication. Or same – place an entry in IGTV, making a link through the appropriate tool.

How long is history

Storys time on Instagram is 24 hours. During the day will be statistics are available, the function: “Reactions” and “Answers”. After – record will be moved to the Archive or removed from display. Storys is held in Instagram is 24 hours and you can save it in “Actual” so as not to to lose.

How to add publications to the News:

  1. Create History – edit.
  2. Share – add to “Actual”. Add Story to Actual InstagramAdd Story to Actual Instagram
  3. Indicate the section where you want to send.

Or, after posting, click on the temporary post and mark button: “Select”. A list of available pinned publications. The same functions are available when creating new section in the “Actual”.

If the user needs to re-share the disappeared History:

  1. Open the side menu – Archive.
  2. Category: “Stories” – select a post. Share on Storys InstagramShare on Storys Instagram
  3. The inscription “Share” will appear below.

-> Смайлики в Instagram

The Stories editing menu and the entry that was published earlier. Below the inscription: “Memories” indicating dates of initial placement.

How to increase the storage time of Storis

In addition to the “Archive” and the “Current” user can save the duration of the placement of Storis on Instagram through repeated addition. But in this case, the original recording should be stored in Gallery. In order not to lose published photos or videos – indicate in the Stories options: “Save to Gallery”.

How to specify parameters:

  1. Go to Stories – Normal mode.
  2. Gear Top – Saving.
  3. Save to Archive and Gallery – Done.

If you do not specify automatic storage in the Archive, the record will be deleted. It will not work to recover data, even when contacting technical support or sending to Direct.

A snapshot and video from the Archive can be shared in publications in Ribbon:

  1. Go to the History Archive – select a post.
  2. Click the three dots below – Share in publication.
  3. Edit and post.

When archiving, the record will be moved to “Archive posts. “When choosing a post to post, remember how many seconds Storis lasts on Instagram. Video longer than one hour, the system cannot be divided into separate parts. Such material needs to be edited through third-party applications.

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