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As you know, Instagram is a visual social network. And from how stylish your profile looks depends a lot blog success. After all, a person who accidentally looks into your profile there are only a few seconds to understand: stay and read on or close the page forever. So how do you achieve a unified style, how to make all photos fit together and look as a whole? Here are some ideas. Ideas on how to make your Instagram stylish and memorable, share Lena @estet_photo, which leads the Instagram photo tutorial.

1. Instagram photos must be quality

Do not upload blurry, fuzzy, dark pictures. Do photo in daylight so that the pictures are bright and juicy. Edit photos, enhance them in retouching programs, e.g. in Snapseed.


Чего еще стоит избегать и не выкладывать в своемInstagram:

– home photos with a mess and scattered things, unsuccessful Selfies – do not use massive and patterned frames, various clip-art (hand-drawn pictures, seals, etc.); – not Get involved in making collages from several photos.

2. The color scheme

A profile looks uniform if it contains one or two basic and a pair of complementary colors. For example, the focus on white color, complemented by gray and pale pink.

How to make Instagram stylish

Another important nuance is the color temperature of images. Choose either warm, yellow tone, or cold, blue. Then all the photos in profile will be perceived holistically. Many bloggers use the same filter for this, for example, in the built-in editor Instagram or in the VSCO program.

3. Style for information posts

If you have thematic information on your profile headings, then it is worth making them in a single key. Can distinguish these posts in one column (so every third post will be informational) or staggered. This design will give The page has a more structural and professional look.


Если вы добавляете текст, надписи на фотографиях или другиеdecorative elements, then pick up a couple of fonts and one decorative technique, and use only them in your profile (look at the programs TextOnPicture, Canva etc.). So in this way, your own unique style will be developed, and your The Instagram page will look harmonious.

Look at your blog on Instagram with a fresh look, rate the external attractiveness of the profile, which photos you like, and Any photos perhaps worth deleting? Look for inspirational you accounts, what interesting tricks do they use? Pick your colors, fonts and tonality and make your new post already in a new one clearance.

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