Subscriptions tab has been removed from Instagram


The “User Actions from Subscriptions” tab is no longer available in Instagram. She was in the category: “Notifications.”

Subscription tabs are no longer on Instagram

With user data privacy policy change and by updating, the “Subscriptions” section has disappeared from users.

The reasons why the partition was deleted:

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  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade
  • the opportunity to observe the actions of your friends that contrary to data privacy policy;
  • low traffic to the section;
  • lack of need and additional load at viewing notifications.

The main reason is in user data. Instagram plans to introduce a system that prohibits monitoring life other people than Tapes and Stories.

-> Лимиты в Инстаграме

Why do I need notifications?

The Subscriptions section was designed to display actions friends. In many social networks (OK, VK and Facebook), this the function was or is still available.


  • Like comments and posts from friends
  • Top weekly photos that your friends liked
  • Subscriptions with other users.

Removing from the section, only actions are now available in notifications page owner. But the main tab “Subscriptions” is still open in the personal information of users.

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