Surveys on Instagram for money: true or divorce?


Polls on Instagram for money

Updated – January 2, 2020

In the news feed, in addition to regular publications, you can see advertising.

Sometimes there are advertising records in which Russian celebrities and public figures promote polls on Instagram for money.

Khabib Nurmagomedov, black star, Lera Kudryavtseva, Galkin, Galustyan, even Sberbank offer users to take a survey for reward.

What’s the catch? Is it realistic to make money on such polls? Which Do celebrities benefit from this?

Let’s get it right.

Surveys on Instagram for money: true or divorce?

In the commercial, Russian stars admit their love for their subscribers and offer everyone to receive from them various prizes (money, cosmetics, car, etc.).

To do this, just click on the “Details” button.

Polls on Instagram reviewsPolls on Instagram reviews

After clicking on the button, we get to the page with “the most a grand survey of 2020. ”

We are invited to participate in a survey from major sponsors and get a decent cash reward for this.

Online survey for rewards on InstagramOnline survey for rewards on Instagram

At the bottom you can read the reviews of those who have already earned on this one. Everything looks beautiful and believable, so we accept participation.

Instagram remuneration survey on Instagram

We pass the survey itself, consisting of 6 questions.

After this, the funds are successfully credited to the internal account (about 130 thousand rubles) and we are offered to make a fixing payment for only 200 rubles.

Remuneration for a survey on Instagram reviewsRemuneration for a survey on Instagram reviews

This is supposedly in order to confirm the identity. It seems a trifle, compared with how much we get later.

Naturally, after paying the fixing payment, you don’t get it! Polls on Instagram for money is a divorce!

Comments are wound, accounts on Instagram are fake (just took a video of celebrities who have nothing to do with polls), and poll creators are scammers!

Why are polls moderated on Instagram?

Because in a public offer on the questionnaire website, you can read that information regarding income generation is not guarantee of their receipt! These are just assumptions about upcoming and current earnings.

In short, everything is done competently and legally. Therefore no scammers will not receive liability.

The only way: disseminate information among your friends and acquaintances and every time you see an ad – immediately complain about her.

Video lesson on: polls on Instagram for money.

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