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Instagram Stories Quests – A Way to Make Stories more interesting to the audience. Page owner can come up with or take any idea that fits the theme of his page.

What is a task on Instagram and why are they needed

Assignments are a textual description in the image in History. Also Quiz and Questions buttons are available to create interesting quests. Tasks are done either singly or add a whole list tasks for subscribers.

What are the tasks:

  • ordinary, inside a social network. Like, send Comment or post
  • in real life. The profile owner or subscribers must perform interesting tasks in your city, the nearest public places;
  • collective. Flash mobs and group quests.

Tasks are also considered a method of how to promote a page. An active audience will be interested in further implementation, if every right action is followed by a reward.

This format of stories is useful to blog owners, companies, shops and brands. Tasks can be tailored to the theme of the page, and after – offer a gift to the winners.

Tasks for promoting your account on Instagram

Simple tasks are suitable for attracting subscribers.

These include:

  • screenshots are predictions. Creates a short video that you need stop at a certain point with a screenshot. That phrase which falls to the user – will be his prediction; Instagram Games ExampleInstagram Games Example
  • math problems. Take two or three items, assign them numbers and create a mathematical equation;
  • guess what is hidden in the photo. Hide sticker or blur any subject. Anyone who guesses will receive a small amount for mobile or bank card;
  • hint pictures. Looks like a Crocodile game, owner The page places several photos showing different objects. From the names or associations you can add a quote;
  • make a phrase. List of words with assigned numbers. The choice your word on the last like, the last digits of the phone number or age.

Subscribers leave a response in the comments or private messages. In large blogs, it’s preferable to have reviews under the photo, because that chats will quickly get lost among the rest.

  • Didn’t find an answer? Ask a question, we will prepare and send you an answer by e-mail
  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

Such games can be held both in the Tape and in Storis. By end – you need to delete or edit the description to publication.

Battle missions

The tasks for the battle on Instagram are actions that should Perform two or three users at once. Competition Creation requires an idea and phased implementation.

-> Цитаты со смыслом под фото для Инстаграма

Battles can be:

  • competitions with the help of a photo. Beauty contests, best handling or shooting with any attraction;
  • text descriptions. Short stories, funny ones, jokes or beautiful quotes.
  • video. Make a beautiful video, download conversational clip.

Choose two or more participants, post their photos and Invite other users to vote. Ratings are left in comments or, if the battle was created through Stories – click assessment. In the end, the winner either goes to the next stage, or receives a reward.

The format of battles is suitable for owners of stores and pages brands. For example, participants must take a photo with the product or record a video review. Records are placed on their pages, leaving the corresponding hashtag of the contest.

On the day of the assessment, create a competition that selects the best using the specified tag, checking the fulfillment of the remaining conditions of the job.

Quests in Storys Instagram

Quest – a short task that the owner must complete profile. Created using action sticker: “Questions.” Subscribers leave wishes through “Questions” by posting what the page owner should do. The latter, in order to prove compliance, records a short video, where the question itself adds.

How to make a question in Storis Instagram:

  1. Go to Stories – upload a photo from the Gallery or make snapshot.
  2. Click “Stickers”. Sticker Questions for InstagramSticker Questions for Instagram
  3. Select: “Questions” – write a name.
  4. Add to photo or video.

All questions from the audience will appear in the section: “Direct”. To To answer, you need to go to Storis and select a question from the notifications. Next – add a video or photo.

An example of questions and tasks:

  • like or send a comment to each viewer;
  • make a video hello;
  • hug a stranger on the street and record a video;
  • draw a picture, take off the process;
  • upload to Storys your photos taken 10 years ago.

And others that will not be difficult to complete. The author of the best question gets account criticism, tips or small gift.

Comic Assignments

Comic book assignments on Instagram are a phased contest, where the page owner adds a text description. Make interesting design is possible, both through photo editors, and masks in stories. The profile owner thinks through each step and Gradually loads tasks. Active members receive reward and publication in the competitive account.

-> Рекомендации в Инстаграм: как попасть, посмотреть, откудаtaken

What are the comics on Instagram:

  • before and after. Comparison of two options, where “before” it was worse. Can be used for store accounts where the customer I used the service or goods and something changed in his life for the better;
  • how to use or do it. Invite subscribers to do a small instruction;
  • stage competition. Subscribers post a series of photos, where they talk about a product or service. Interesting or funny stories;
  • “me too.” Users show the inconsistency of actions. TO for example: “I love fitness, but also I – I love burgers from company. ”

Comics are also used for entertainment content. On the the contest page contains the works of the best participants, adding links to pages or marking them in the photo.

How to find out which task is most suitable for your the audience

To determine the choice of tasks, you can conduct a survey or based on followers age, interests, and gender accessories. So, for younger audiences, comics and battles. For older users – various quests and predictions.

What you need to do before starting a contest or playing a game Instagram:

  1. Check audience activity. View the latest Posts: likes, comments, and reach.
  2. View statistics age and sexual affiliation. Instagram Audience StatisticsInstagram Audience Statistics
  3. Create a contest only in a certain city – define The number of subscribers from this geolocation.

It does not hurt and promotion aimed at finding subscribers. It is advisable to prepare the account for a new audience: add welcome post, remind about the contest in the Ribbon and Stories, pick up publications in one color scheme.

Tasks on Instagram Instagram – a way to tell about your blog, product or service. They are divided into constants for advancements and those where you can win, get a reward. The format of the event depends on the number of subscribers and topics. profile.

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