The 3 most popular ways to make money in Instagram


Thousands of people are already earning on Instagram! Yes, most income of them – several thousand, but there are those who have achieved more: receives through this social network millions per year (and some and per month!). Do not want to go to work anymore, but receive money from the Internet? My note will help you find out in which direction worth moving.

How to make money on the blogger on InstagramSo how do people get money on Instagram? Is this real? Quite!

1. To earn a blogger on Instagram will help advertising: placement sponsored links to online store profiles

If you have a sufficient number of subscribers in the thousands, then you can make money on advertising – post a selling post in your profile with a link to your account seller. He, in turn, transfers you money for this. it The most popular way to make money on Instagram.

Of course, to do this, you need to promote your profile, and invest in this money and other means. Search advertisers are generally a separate issue, but usually if you have a lot subscribers and they are live and untwisted, advertisers themselves you find. In addition, the creation of special advertising exchanges where the advertiser can find his blogger and vice versa.

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2. Sale of goods and services on Instagram

The second way is to become an online store yourself and sell on Instagram. You can both resell products, how an ordinary store, and do something with your own hands. Handmade is now very popular in the social. networks. And in Insta, You can say, just an army of needlewomen who makes and sells a wide variety of products: pillows for children, and products from beads, and sew clothes themselves.

In addition, you can sell not only goods, but also services. Successfully developing their business and masters in eyelash extensions, and interior designers, and cleaning company.

3. The best way to make an expert blogger on Instagram is infobusiness (sale of information)

Infobusiness on InstagramInfobusiness was popular even before the social. networks, but Instagram is just booming bloggers who sell their courses online and offline, marathons, webinars, in general, information that can help to the consumer. Moreover, the topics are very diverse: both time management, and child development, and personal growth. You can find anything you want!

If you want to do information business, you first you need to earn a reputation as a knowledgeable person, i.e. form your personal brand, and also, naturally, promote account

Making money on Instagram is not as easy as it seems at first sight. To have a stable income, you need to develop your account. To develop your account, you need to know how to promote him, interact with customers and how to cooperate with other profiles. In addition, in your account you need invest. Unfortunately, there’s no way without it now – time has passed, when it was possible to collect several thousand followers on Instagram manual mass follow or other free methods.

So what do you choose: be a blogger, open an online store or information business?

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