The basics of how to use Instagram


Instagram is a fast-growing social network. Ease of use is its main advantage. She is on actually has few functions (but very necessary), so each a person will quickly figure out how to use Instagram And my The article will help you do it even faster.

What can Instagram do?

The story of how to use Instagram, you need, rather all, with a listing of the simplest functions about which I spoke above. Using the application on your phone, you can share with your friends, subscribers of photo and video materials that can be pre-processed using 13 filters and several framework. In your activity stream, you can rate publications your followings, the people you follow: like and write comments.

Activity feed

After registering on Instagram, you will be taken to your feed. Here All publications of people you follow are displayed. Video differ from photos by the camcorder icon in the upper right corner. Usually they will turn on automatically, however, it can be reconfigure. You can comment on each material and rate like.

how to use Instagram

You can go to the sender profile and view all of it publications, as well as some small information about him, which he filled in the “about himself” field.

The next tab, looking like an asterisk, represents from themselves a tape of the most popular photos and videos around the world, they typed the largest number of likes and therefore shown here.

how to use Instagram

Button for sending photos and videos

A button in the form of a photoappart allows you to upload publications to your profile. You can send a photo on Instagram or shoot a video for Instagram.


The penultimate tab in the form of a comment with a heart. Her external the view speaks for itself. All likes will be displayed here. which put your publications, as well as mentioning you in comments and notifications about adding you as a friend.

how to use Instagram

Your profile

The last tab in the bottom horizontal menu is your profile. Here you can view all the photos and videos that you sent to Instagram, the number of your followers and followers, and You can also change your personal information and settings.

how to use Instagram


In the settings you can edit the profile, find new friends, browse all that you liked, change the camera settings and etc. I write more about all this on this blog and devote it to everyone. issue a separate article.

how to use Instagram

I hope my little review helped you figure out a little how use Instagram on a mobile device. Answers to more look for specific questions in other blog articles or ask questions me in the comments.

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