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For bloggers and page administrators, one of the important issues: what time to post on Instagram. Users exhibit activity and more often evaluate publications when they go to work or study and in the evening hours.

When is it better to post on Instagram

Social media promotion experts advise Post on Instagram at 17:00 and until 21:00. When publishing, you need to consider the difference in time zone, therefore Many are advised to duplicate important messages at different times.

Instagram feed exampleInstagram feed example

It is not recommended to post on Instagram at 15:00.

According to statistics, most of the audience in this time is at work or at school. At the same time, they are not excluded experiments that will help determine the optimal time for publication.

Why you need to know the posting time:

  • attracting the attention of the audience. Views and Marks “Like” display the publication in the section Popular
  • work with subscribers. Opportunity to ask questions for raising activity
  • maximum number of subscriptions.

In addition to time, the profile owner or administrator must follow the rules: geotags, hashtags and questions in the publication. It concerns not only advertising posts, but photographs and video footage.

How to choose a good time for posting photos

Marketers revealed the secret at what time to upload photos to Instagram – lunch break, from 11:00 to 14:00. To determine the temporary range, the user will be helped statistics tools. An example of such a service is Iconosquare, where there is a paid subscription and trial period.

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The first 14 days are enough to test the functions and determine the peak activity of the audience. To use, you need go through the registration procedure or use free instruments.

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Instructions on how to use the service:

  1. Go to the main page of the site.
  2. Open the “Free Tools” section – Log in using Instagram. InstagramInstagram
  3. Get the first audit – provide an email address mail. Profile Optimization on InstagramProfile Optimization on Instagram
  4. Follow the link, get full statistics on account. Instagram audience engagementInstagram audience engagement

Using paid tools, the user will be able to customize Automatically publish and view time statistics. The proposed free audit will help to understand mistakes in promotion, will indicate the required number of publications per day.

The second service with similar features is Buffer. But no free sections, user can access only the trial period.

If none of the methods work, determine when You can post photos on Instagram using a simple experiment: place the picture at 8:00, then at 11:30 and 17:00.

Analyze when subscribers reacted faster (write comments or like) and use this time for the first, important publications.

Best time to post videos

Video format has become more popular than carousels and single shots. The Stories are equally successful, with a short stock footage. Recommended time for posting videos in Instagram – morning and evening. Not everyone has lunchtime the user has the opportunity to watch the video or run a social network.

Application for auto-posting PromoFlow InstagramApplication for auto-posting PromoFlow Instagram

Choosing what time to post on Instagram, you can use gliders. These are applications and computer programs, intended for automatic publication.

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Most of these services are paid, free Android application – PromoFlow and Planoly. To use them, you must configure business account.

What else affects the promotion on Instagram

In addition to time, the type Publications, hashtags used by the owner of the page, account popularity in general. If the author is in a shadow bath due to violations – the placement time does not matter. Publication is not appears in the stream, both for subscribers and potential audience.

Factors to consider when posting to Instagram:

  • relevance of the topic and popularity among subscribers;
  • average number of likes and comments on posts;
  • holiday time: before preparing for any events better to post more posts, but at different times;
  • other bloggers have similar topics.

The situation that most often occurs on Instagram is authors in one topic identical publications. Difference in time placement and image.

To avoid repetitions:

  1. Take the already known topic.
  2. Use the search engine.
  3. Find additional questions on a specific topic.
  4. Give answers in the publication.

Thus, the topic will not change, but the potential audience will be able to get acquainted with new facts and additional information.

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